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Tuberous Gynecomastia

Tuberous Gynecomastia

Men can have tuberous breasts just like some women do, and the condition is equally frustrating for both sexes. Some people learn to make peace with boobs that protrude a little like tubers – hence the name – while others seek cosmetic breast surgery to correct the condition.

To get a sense of what tuberous breasts in men look like, and the kind of surgical result that’s possible, take a look at our before and after gynecomastia photos. Pay close attention to patients 68, 71 and 77. Each one had a clear case of tuberous breasts, and all three patients were very satisfied with their surgical outcome.

Another frustrating aspect of tuberous breasts – sometimes called tubular breasts, zucchini breasts, Snoopy breasts (referring to the famous beagle’s nose) and other unflattering names – is that no one knows exactly why they occur. We do know that in patients with tuberous breasts the base diameter of the breast is somewhat constricted, causing growth in a narrow corridor instead of in a pleasing, rounded shape.

In women, breasts are usually smallish as well as misshapen and sometimes droopy, nipples and areolas can be large and puffy. It’s also not unusual for a marked degree of asymmetry to be present. When men have tuberous breasts, the growth of the breast gland is generally restricted to an area beneath the nipples. The result is usually the hated “puffy nipples” and often some sideways spread as well.

Treating a male patient involves making a small incision around the rim of the areola to enable the gynecomastia surgeon to remove the excess breast gland. Liposuction is almost always needed as well, not just to help remove gland and fat but to loosen and redistribute skin so the breast gains a normal contour. For the majority of patients, the formerly large, puffy nipples and areolas shrink to an average size after the procedure.

When a man decides to explore the idea of cosmetic surgery for tuberous breasts, the most important move he can make is to find an experienced gynecomastia surgeon. Not every plastic surgeon treats dozens of patients with man boobs each year, and even fewer see many male patients with tuberous breasts.

If you have this condition, do plenty of homework on the Internet first. Identify board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in gynecomastia surgery and have demonstrated experience with tuberous breasts. View the before and after gynecomastia photos to ensure this is indeed an area of specialty for a prospective surgeon.

Then arrange consultations with at least two, even if you have to send photos and have a discussion long distance. You may need to be prepared to have male breast reduction in New York or another large city to ensure you’re working with someone who can deliver the outcome you’re seeking.

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