If you have one-sided gynecomastia, we have information to share that may surprise you.
We understand that having one man boob that’s bigger than the other can be extra distressing. That’s why we hasten to tell our New York gynecomastia patients that one-sided gynecomastia is not that rare. We see many cases of lopsided male breasts every year, and it’s a safe bet that every other gynecomastia specialist from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach does too.
The next thing to know is that it’s very likely you really don’t have gynecomastia on just one side. The truth is that many patients with man boobs are somewhat to extremely lopsided. Chances are, even if it seems like you only have one moob, you have at least a little excess gland or fat on each side.
Believe it or not, this is actually good news. Any experienced male breast reduction surgeon will tell you that it’s easier to achieve a near symmetrical outcome from gynecomastia surgery when you operate on both man boobs. Achieving a perfect match by reducing just one side can be a challenge.
Gynecomastia surgery takes skill and experience to get right, especially when a patient presents with one side dramatically larger than the other. If you believe you are one of the few men with gynecomastia on just one side, it’s all the more reason to ensure you choose a gynecomastia specialist with hundreds of surgeries under his or her belt.
One last consideration: there’s a small but real possibility that an underlying condition such as male breast cancer is behind the problem. When you have a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon, you can feel confident that they will know if you need to see another specialist.
If you’re lopsided or one-sided and interested in our input, please contact us in Manhattan. Gynecomastia is one of our key specialties, as you can see if you browse our before and after gynecomastia photos. We find helping men like you most rewarding. If you live outside greater New York and New Jersey and don’t care to travel, do see an experienced male breast reduction surgeon.

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