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Neck Lift Surgery
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What is Revision Gynecomastia

What is A Neck Lift?

Why is it that the neck shows traces of weight gain and loss so readily? The main reason is that the neck skin is thin and delicate. It takes very little strain for this area to give up most of its elasticity. When your weight changes dramatically, combined with the effects of gravity, aging, and other factors, the appearance of your neck can really suffer.

Remnants of excess fat in the form of stray bulges can be an issue after massive weight loss. But the number one complaint most patients have is a turkey gobbler neck, the fleshy folds and wrinkles that are so hard to disguise. No matter what your particular case, Dr. Elliot Jacobs can help. He has 35+ years of experience attaining excellent rejuvenation results for both men and women, and he has a variety of strategies and tools at his disposal. Come in for a consultation and find out what approach he would recommend for you.

What Types of Neck Lift Surgery Are There?

Most weight loss patients benefit from a combination of skin excision, muscle tightening, and liposuction to address these issues:

  • Turkey neck: Droopy neck skin may require small incisions under the chin and behind the ears to lift the skin and eliminate the excess. These incisions normally heal quickly and leave light scars that no one notices.
  • Ropy muscles: If you’ve developed vertical bands of muscles that mar the look of your neck, it has more to do with the aging process than with weight gain. Neck muscles are smooth when you are young, but as the years pass they can sag and even separate. Dr. Jacobs can address the problem by reattaching or cutting muscles as needed. Botox injections can also be an option for some patients.
  • Fat pads: Just about everyone has fat under their chin, and weight loss patients often feel frustrated when the stubborn bulges become so visible. Light liposuction is the answer. It normally requires just a small incision disguised in a crease under the chin.

Neck lift surgery can certainly be performed on its own, but it is very often combined with other rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift, browlift, and eyelid surgery. It is not unusual for men and women to have all of these performed at once for a complete facial makeover!

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Ideal Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

In general, good candidates for a neck lift may include patients who are:


Healthy individuals without medical conditions that affect healing

Older men

Nonsmokers who have a healthy lifestyle

Patients affected

Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations


Patients willing to follow post-op instructions

What to Expect from Recovery

As you recover from neck lift surgery, bandages may be placed around your face and neck. These will help keep swelling and bruising and a minimum as you heal. Dr. Jacobs will give you detailed instructions to reduce the chance of infection and scarring and keep your recovery going smoothly.

What to Expect from Recovery
Benefits of Gynecomastia Revision Surgery

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

  • A more youthful facial contour
  • The reduction of excess skin and sagging jowls
  • A more defined male profile

Risks of Neck Lift Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, neck lift may entail the following risks:

  • Anesthesia issues
  • Bleeding
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Fluid accumulation (hematoma)
  • Infection
Risks of Revision Male Breast Reduction Surgery
Why Choose Dr. Jacobs for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Why Choose Dr. Jacobs for Neck Lift Surgery?

When you choose Dr. Jacobs, you also get to work with his talented staff of caring professionals. They have been together as a team for many years and it shows. Why not plan to come to meet them? Call 561-367-9101 to schedule an appointment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I want a neck lift and plastic surgery on another part of my body?

The main considerations in planning combination surgery have to do with your health, time on the operating table, and the recovery process. It is usually quite safe to plan for up to four to five hours in surgery for patients in good health. So you could probably have a neck lift and male breast reduction at the same time, for instance. And because neck lifts involve relatively easy recovery, we are generally not concerned that you would suffer undue discomfort after surgery.

I don’t like having general anesthesia. Is there another way?

Our preference is to use twilight anesthesia, also called intravenous sedation, for our patients unless there’s a good reason not to. Assuming you qualify, this means you will be asleep during surgery but breathing on your own with no tube down your throat. Our M.D. anesthesiologist will monitor you carefully, and you will wake up quickly, fully, and easily after surgery. No nausea, no headache!

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