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Testosterone for Moob Control?


If out-of-whack hormone levels are behind many cases of gynecomastia, a guy could try taking extra testosterone to reduce his man boobs, right?


It may sound like a logical solution, but it’s actually a very bad idea to fool around with hormones. The endocrine system is called a system for a reason-it’s complex and delicately balanced. It’s challenging for medical professionals to diagnose and treat hormone problems; for lay people it can be downright dangerous.

Here’s why you should not even consider trying to reduce man boobs with testosterone:

  • Testosterone has never been shown to be an effective treatment for gynecomastia. It can have the reverse effect, ironically, since it carries the risk of being converted by the body into estrogen and prompting further breast tissue growth.
  • When the body senses extra amounts of the hormone, it may decrease its own production. Effects can include a drop in sex drive and even withering of the testicles.
  • Some medical conditions can be made worse when a man takes supplemental testosterone. An enlarged prostate is a good example.

All the talk about “low T” these days tends to cast testosterone in a very good light, suggesting it can be an answer for low energy, declining muscle strength and so on. It’s not a big leap to think it might work for man boobs as well. According to Dr. Harry Fisch, a specialist in men’s health, however, testosterone is not the benign substance it might seem to be. He says use of testosterone supplements by men with normal hormone levels is very risky.

In a recent online article, Dr. Fisch also noted that, “Far too many men are obtaining quick-and-dirty prescriptions for testosterone, and abusing the hormone because it makes them feel temporarily younger and stronger.” There are also other supplements and “prohormones” readily available that contain ingredients that have hormone-like qualities. For a guy looking for an edge-or a solution for moobs-the temptation to try one could be high.

Now you know better. Taking testosterone for man boobs can actually cause gynecomastia to get worse. Furthermore, using testosterone and other supplements without medical supervision can endanger your health. If you think your hormone system may not be up to par, see your primary care physician or an endocrinologist. If you have moobs and they bother you enough to search for an answer, consult a plastic surgeon who’s experienced in treating gynecomastia.

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