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Blog. How Much is Gynecomastia Surgery in Florida?

If you’re looking for a full cost breakdown for gyno surgery in Florida, it may be challenging to find information.  We’ll tell you why, then we’ll suggest how to evaluate what you do learn as you gather information.

One Size Fits All?

We feel very strongly that it does prospective patients a disservice to publish the cost of surgery for man boobs in the Miami area, or anywhere else for that matter.  We have never done so, and it’s a safe bet that other true gynecomastia specialists do not do it either.  The primary reason is because every case is unique, and each patient deserves a surgical plan tailored to their condition.  Not only that, it’s critical that each guy’s particular health situation is taken into account when the surgical plan is developed.

As you might imagine, it’s likely that a young, healthy patient with a very mild case of moobs operated on in our accredited surgical suite may end up paying less than a complicated case requiring a full double mastectomy and a hospital stay.  “One size fits all” pricing just doesn’t work.

Ready for Anything

Another reason we don’t advertise a fixed price for gynecomastia surgery is we want to be prepared for anything when we look under the skin.  With 35+ years of experience operating on man boobs, we’re usually pretty sure what needs doing when a patient is on the table.  But there’s always room for surprises.  If more knobby gland tissue requires removing than we envisioned, for instance, we may need extra time to fill the depressions left behind with fat flaps to avoid crater deformities after healing.

This is why we give each patient a cost range prior to their procedure.  The last thing we want to do is surprise someone with a bill that’s a bit higher than expected.  We are usually right on with our initial estimate, but having some flexibility ensures a great outcome all around.

More About South Florida Gynecomastia Pricing

All this said about why it’s not a great idea to publish prices for man boob surgery, you can find some practices that will do this in our area.  This is a very competitive marketplace for plastic surgery, and some doctors may feel the need to be rather aggressive to attract patients.

Our state has seen its share of cosmetic surgery clinics that have experienced intense scrutiny and even legal action, unfortunately, due to attempts to cut corners.  These can range from using providers with less than wonderful credentials, skimping on anesthesia, minimizing before and after patient contact, and others.   We can’t stress enough how important it is to research everything about the practice you’re considering, from ownership to possible past issues.

Most important of All

Finally, there’s one factor that influences great gyno results more than any other: the skill and experience of the surgeon you choose.  Delivering the smooth, masculine, natural-looking contours you’re seeking is not something any doctor can do.  You’ll want to look for a top-notch educational background, American Board of Plastic Surgery certification, a stellar reputation specifically with gynecomastia, and evidence of thousands of satisfied patients.  If that surgeon is well-known internationally and performs dozens and dozens of revisions of other doctors’ results each year—which is extra challenging surgery—even better.

This type of plastic surgeon has invested in becoming a true specialist.  For the sake of your health and your well-being, and to avoid paying for a do-over down the road, it’s worthwhile for you to invest in this type of care.

That old saying is never more accurate than when applied to gynecomastia surgery: you get what you pay for.


Dr. Elliot William Jacobs is a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who specializes in FTM top surgery, gynecomastia surgery, revision gynecomastia surgery and male breast reduction. He is a native of New York and has over 40 years of experience in his field. Dr. Jacobs is a highly respected and sought-after surgeon who is known for his skill, experience, and compassion. Whether you are interested in gynecomastia for the first time, or are looking to correct a gynecomastia you aren’t happy with, Dr. Jacobs can deliver amazing results.


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