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Puffy Nipple Surgery: Expertise Required!

Puffy Nipple Surgery: Expertise Required!

For guys with puffy nipples, we understand why surgery can seem like less than a big deal. The problem area is often fairly small, compared to the size of the entire chest. So, find a surgeon, ask him or her to take out the extra tissue, and all better, right?

Not so fast! We operate on dozens and dozens of guys with gynecomastia in New York each year, and many of those are revision patients who initially thought puffy nipples require just a simple fix. Dents and craters can be the result of working with an inexperienced gynecomastia surgeon.

Here’s a look at how we think through our strategy for handling puffy nipples.

Planning Surgery for Puffy Nipples

The first thing we tell our New York gynecomastia patients is that puffy nipples are indeed a form of man boobs. Guys have them due to breast tissue under the nipple. They often happen when excess breast gland and fat spreads throughout the breasts but can occur by themselves. There is no “cure” other than surgery.

For most guys, we plan a two-step surgical process. First, we make tiny incisions and use instruments of our own design to gently remove breast gland. We proceed carefully, leaving just enough tissue to ensure smooth contours result and avoid unnatural indentations. Next, we loosen surrounding skin around the nipple/areola complex so it will redistribute itself evenly without puckers.

Treating Enlarged Areolas

Some patients inquire about reducing the size of enlarged areolas. We never perform areola reduction without removing breast gland and fat first. Removing skin without taking out underlying tissue almost always results in a wide, bumpy scar or worse.

We most often recommend gynecomastia treatment, then a few months of waiting to re-evaluate the appearance of the areolas. Many patients find the diameter of their areolas shrinks—sometimes dramatically—when the extra tissue that pushed on the nipple/areola complex is gone. With skin now lying flat, once dome-like areolas often settle back into place. If not, we can discuss the pros and cons of excising a ring of skin AFTER male breast reduction.

Improving Poor Results with Gynecomastia Revision Surgery

When patients consult us about revision gynecomastia, oftentimes their first cosmetic surgeon removed too much tissue and created odd-looking indentations. Unfortunately, instead of puffy nipples these guys now have the reverse—craters and valleys. Our approach most often involves nudging small fat flaps from the surrounding area into place to fill the indentations. Occasionally, we may harvest fat cells from other parts of the body and inject them.

More Information for You

All cases of man boobs are tricky to treat, none more so than puffy nipples. We know this first hand, having performed literally thousands of gynecomastia surgeries over three decades when most cosmetic surgeons see just a few cases a year.

Understanding that puffy nipples can be quite embarrassing and frustrating for a guy, we’ve created a new page of information on this website. Visit it and read more about the condition, including how it happens, the right age for surgery and more. We also have information about nipple issues that can occur without puffy areolas and even without a case of man boobs. We also posted an article in our blog recently that touches on what to do if surgery is not an option.

To learn even more, schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to evaluate your case and show you many sets of before and after gynecomastia photos so you can get an idea about improvement you can expect. If you can’t work with us here in New York, a gynecomastia surgeon with plenty of experience is a must! Do your research and find one—you’ll be glad you did.

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