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Nipple Reduction, with Gynecomastia Surgery or on its Own

gynecomastia and nipple reduction

If you’re bothered by large nipples, do not be embarrassed to seek treatment. We see many cases of overly large nipples annually in our consultation room in New York, with gynecomastia or not, and it’s a good bet almost every other plastic surgeon has too. In fact, large nipples are a fairly common problem for both men and women.

For men, nipple reduction can be performed in conjunction with gynecomastia surgery or as a standalone procedure. When performed on its own, treatment is pretty straightforward, usually requiring less than an hour and just local anesthesia. We can reduce the diameter of the nipple, the projection from the chest wall or both. Small, dissolving sutures are placed to close the tiny incisions, and that’s about it.

Recovery involves a bit of soreness for a few days. Patients can usually resume most activities immediately, but we advise them to avoid strenuous exercise for at least two weeks after surgery. Scars should be nearly invisible after nipple reduction and complications are rare. Occasionally a patient will report reduced sensation in one or both nipples after healing.

One thing to be clear about is that nipple surgery does not change the look of the areola, the pigmented circle of skin surrounding the nipple. We find in most cases enlarged areolas result from excess breast tissue, or gynecomastia. Our New York patients with this condition most often need male breast reduction surgery rather than a procedure to reduce the size of their areolas. Once the excess tissues have been removed, the chest skin and the areola itself will shrink in diameter – right on the operating table. It is like letting air out of a balloon. (We’ll discuss areolar reduction in a future post.)

Whatever your concern about your chest may be, talk to your plastic surgeon candidly. He or she will evaluate your entire chest and make a recommendation about the best way to achieve the change you’re hoping for.

If you’d like to consult us about gynecomastia, large nipples or any other aesthetic issue, just contact us online or give us a call at (212) 570-6080 and we’ll arrange an appointment. We often work with out of town patients, as well as men seeking treatment for gynecomastia from New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and surrounding states.

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