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Exercise and Man Boobs: A Different Story

Exercise and Man Boobs: A Different Story

At last! An article on a website for men acknowledging that exercise won’t get rid of man boobs!

Unfortunately, the piece we found on mensxp is unusual. If you perform a search on terms related to exercise and man boobs, you’ll find page after page of articles advocating certain lifts and other maneuvers that are sure to banish gynecomastia. Even Men’sHealth, a fairly mainstream site, offers a “Man Boob Eliminator Workout.”

The problem? As we tell our New York gynecomastia patients, exercise doesn’t do the job. In fact, while it boosts overall health, it oftentimes makes things worse in the chest department.

If You’re a Body Builder with Man Boobs

Guys who pump iron as a way of life sometimes work extra hard trying to get rid of puffy nipples, or “bitch tits.” Here are two reasons why that strategy usually backfires:

1) The enlarged knob of breast gland—often courtesy of supplements and steroids—sits on top of the pectoral muscles. As a body builder strengthens those muscles to develop the coveted “ripped” look, the breast tissue gets pushed out further and seems even more prominent. Take a look at the photos included with the mensxp article to see what we mean.

2) There’s just no way to disguise a case of moobs on a frame with very little body fat. It’s sad but true: achieving the lean, chiseled appearance you may strive for leaves your bitch tits exposed for all to see.

We counsel body builders with gynecomastia in New York every month. Most of them have tried extra sessions in the gym, diets and even more drugs and supplements before they conclude they need our help. You can read this post about puffy nipple surgery to get an idea about our approach.

If You’re a Regular Guy with Gynecomastia

If you’re stuck with a case of man boobs and you’re not a body builder, chances are you may have tried a leaner diet and more exercise to trim down anyway. Especially if you weigh more than ideal for your height and frame, it may seem logical that dropping the pounds will eliminate the moobs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work that way for a couple of reasons:

1) If you’re carrying extra weight in the chest area, the enlarged fat cells create their own little environment that produces estrogen. The hormone prompts the growth of breast tissue that mingles with the fat cells. Presto—you now have a mix of fat and gland to contend with. Losing weight may reduce the fat, but it’s very possible the gland tissue left behind will be readily apparent.

2) Men tend to gain weight around their torso, and retain it too. Furthermore there’s no way to shed pounds in a specific area (the old fashioned notion of “spot reducing.”)

If a strict diet and exercise regimen helps you get in better shape, that’s terrific. But you may still have areas of fat that simply won’t budge—such as man boobs and love handles. That’s why our patients often try to do what they can first, and then come in for a consultation. We sometimes recommend gynecomastia surgery combined with a liposuction procedure we call a torsoplasty to help these men put the final touches on a slimmer, healthier body.

It is very good to see popular media beginning to catch on to the real story behind man boobs. There’s still a great deal of misinformation out there, though. If you’ve searched for online information about causes and remedies, you will no doubt have run across articles that are confusing or even deceptive.

Why not pay us a visit to discuss your case of gynecomastia? Our New York consultation room is private and relaxing, and we will give you all the input you need to make decisions with complete information and confidence. Put our thirty years of experience to work for you! Call 212-570-6080 for an appointment.

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