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Don’t Be Headed for Gynecomastia Revision

Don’t Be Headed for Gynecomastia Revision

Generally, we’re not fans of using scare tactics to convince people to take action, especially when it comes to health matters. “Cleanse your colon to remove years of accumulated toxins!” “Get a health screening and uncover risks for heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases!” In our view, pitches that serve to alarm consumers really aren’t fair. They can cause unwarranted worry and stress, not to mention bank account reduction, for perhaps dubious benefit.

But if you’re a guy considering man boob surgery, we want to share our observations about what can happen if you choose a less than well-qualified gynecomastia surgeon. We handle dozens of cases of gynecomastia revision in New York annually, and we’ve spotted a few common outcomes you’ll want to avoid.

Inexperienced Cosmetic Surgeons

Patients who choose a cosmetic surgeon without extensive gynecomastia experience are rolling the dice. Removing just enough gland and fat tissue—not too much—and resculpting smooth, masculine contours takes a great deal of skill. If you’re tempted to work with a surgeon with less than hundreds of cases of satisfied patients, you may experience:

Uneven Contours: Hills and valleys are a frequent complaint we hear in the consulting room. The key to avoiding this result is to sculpt a smooth layer of fat over the pectoral muscles and re-drape the skin so it lies even and natural looking. It’s not unusual for surgeons who see just a few man boob patients each year to find this challenging to accomplish.

Residual Puffy Nipples: Oftentimes inexperienced cosmetic surgeons are conservative about removing tissue. When they leave too much breast gland, puffy nipples can linger after healing. Revision surgery can usually correct the problem, provided a gynecomastia specialist performs the procedure.

Tethering: When scar tissue connects the underside of the skin to the chest muscle, this can cause the surface to appear creased or dimpled. The best fix for this issue is minor surgery to cut the tether and introduce a small fat flap as a spacer. We are one of the few practices we know of to use fat flaps regularly—in prevention as well as revision.

Liposuction-Only Options

Many times, guys who consult us about gynecomastia revision in New York are those who selected a doctor who recommended liposuction only. This can be a signal that the cosmetic surgeon is not well versed in the wide variety of ways breast gland tissue and fat combine and intertwine under the skin. It can also be the mark of a doctor who prefers to use local anesthesia to offer a more attractive price.

Prospective patients should know that it’s virtually impossible for anyone, even a gynecomastia specialist, to tell exactly what’s under the skin until incisions are made. That’s why a plastic surgeon who’s highly experienced with man boobs may have a surgical plan in mind, but will actually be prepared for anything. As an aside, in our practice we end up using liposuction only for gynecomastia in very few cases—usually older men whose breasts are softer than average. The vast majority of guys require at least some gland removal.

Ironically, guys who have liposuction without gland removal can end with moobs that look more prominent than before surgery.

The Best Defense

We sympathize with guys who have budget issues. Since insurance normally won’t cover gynecomastia surgery, it can be challenging to save up the funds required for the procedure. In addition, it’s not unusual for patients to need to travel to work with a true gynecomastia specialist. Cosmetic surgeons who have successfully treated hundreds of patients are scarcer than you might think.

We would argue, however, that getting it right the first time is worth the investment. Not only would you pay again for revision surgery in New York with us, or perhaps with another expert plastic surgeon, the result you can expect the second time around will be an “improvement,” not “perfection.” In some cases, improving poor results may not even be possible.

We enjoy helping guys with moobs no matter what the circumstances, and if you’re looking for gynecomastia revision we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation. But if you haven’t had surgery yet, even better.

No scare tactics—just our best advice. You know what they say about the best defense…

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