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Blog. Top 5 Ways Celebrities with Man Boobs Cope

Ordinary guys who don’t elect male breast reduction surgery struggle to “deal and conceal.” If Internet gossip is any indication, celebrities have additional choices when it comes to handling man boobs.

Here are just a few examples of celebrities with man boobs and the various strategies they have developed to cope.

  • Use them for good
    Liam Neeson, who has weathered at least one tragedy in his life, chose to put his moobs to work for charity. A few years ago he stripped down to his undies on TV to get soaking wet and raise money for cancer research, clearly showing off a case of man boobs with good humor.
  • Hang out with your striking wife
    In a much-published online photo, the actor and rapper Ice-T was captured on a beach in Miami with his stunning wife. Though Ice-T’s moobs are very much in evidence, they don’t stand out so much next to his better half’s voluptuous curves.
  • Be royalty
    Prince Andrew, known for his “playboy” tendencies, also sports a pair of moobs. His physique doesn’t seem to slow him down with the ladies – no doubt the title and bank account help out.
  • Be incredibly wealthy
    If you’re a billionaire, like Italian Flavio Briatore, ordinary problems don’t seem that important. Being convicted for fraud is no big deal since you can flee to the Virgin Islands. If you’re accused of fixing a Formula One race, you simply resign. And man boobs are just not an issue when you can hook up with models like Heidi Klum.
  • Decide you don’t care
    There are several famous actors who have become, well, a little chubby in recent years, including in the chest department. Many online images seem to indicate that these guys don’t really care. Search “man boobs” and Jack Nicholson or Danny DeVito and you’ll see.

Assuming none of these options is open to you, and you’re not in the market for male breast reduction surgery, you can start reining your moobs in with compression garments. There are a number of good shirts and vests available – check out the article on this kind of gear we posted several months ago.

The other piece of advice we give guys who aren’t celebrities: man boobs do not need to ruin your life. First, you should know that you spend much more time looking at them and worrying about them than anyone else ever will. Good friends may tease you a bit, but they really don’t care about your moobs. Any woman who is truly interested in you will not be concerned either.

Consider joining an online community like the one you can find at There, you’ll discover discussions of all kinds plus advice and support from guys like you.

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