What can you expect from a man boob surgery do-over?
It’s a very good question, and one that can tell you a lot about a prospective revision gynecomastia surgeon when you’re in consultation. If you’re unhappy with the results of your first procedure, you should have an in-depth, honest discussion centered on this very topic. We spend extra time with our New York gynecomastia revision candidates because reaching consensus and making decisions together is so important.

What You Don’t Want to Hear

If the cosmetic surgeon you consult gives you any kind of guarantee about the outcome they can deliver, this should be a big red flag. Revision gynecomastia surgery is more challenging than the first go-round; for this reason we often say the goal is to “improve,” not “perfect.”
Similarly, even though troublesome scarring, hills and craters may be apparent in the examination room, we inform gynecomastia revision patients in New York that we won’t know exactly “what’s in there” until we’re in the surgical suite. We’ll have all our tools and techniques at the ready for whatever maneuvers need to be performed. We’d caution you that any surgeon who tells you they know exactly what to do up front may have a limited repertoire.
One specific piece of advice for patients who have ended up with the all-too-common crater deformity—think it over carefully before you decide to work with a doctor who wants to use fat injections. We find that often these don’t work very well because the fat tends to die when disconnected from a blood supply. We (and a few other plastic surgeons) use fat flaps instead, small “tongues” of tissue that remain connected to a blood supply while they’re rotated into the crater. Read more about this approach here.

What You Do Want to Hear

Perhaps the most critical thing to discuss with a prospective gynecomastia revision surgeon is their experience. Most plastic surgeons can honestly claim to perform a few male breast reductions each year. Doctors who can say they do lots of revisions are even more scarce.
There’s no better resource for understanding the kind of gynecomastia specialist you need than gynecomastia.org. If you take a look at the roster of doctor-members, you’ll find several surgeons with 20 or more years of experience with man boobs. And you may be surprised to find a few specialists who perform 100 plus male breast reductions each year. After suffering a poor result the first time around, this is the kind of plastic surgeon you need to work with for a revision procedure. And it’s worthwhile to travel for this level of expertise.
You should be delighted if the gynecomastia revision surgeon you’re considering wants to talk with you about your expectations. The ultimate goal is for you to make an informed decision about whether having a second procedure is worth the investment. The best, most experienced man boob specialists will talk you through this objectively, with no hint of pushing you to move forward with another surgery.
The discussion can be more complicated than you might think. There are several points to consider. We talk with our New York gynecomastia revision candidates about the notion of perfection, for one thing. As we mentioned, the goal with revision surgery is “improvement,” and the prospect of enough improvement that another surgery makes sense. But there’s another twist on the idea of perfection too—sometimes we need to remind the guys we work with that their bodies were not perfect before surgery. Almost no one is perfectly symmetrical, for example, and few guys are ripped the way celebrated bodybuilders and billboard models are.
The situation is further complicated by the fact that many guys with man boobs become a bit obsessed with them. This is understandable prior to surgery, when patients are held back from fully participating in life and even teased about their condition. Be encouraged if your surgeon wants to know that you’re ready to relax and let the healing process unfold without too much anxiety. This will tell you your doctor has your physical and psychological well-being in mind.

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