It’s very possible we perform more surgery for revision gynecomastia here in New York than any other plastic surgeon in the country. We don’t mean to brag—it’s just that we have been helping guys with man boobs for more than 30 years and have become specialists. Word travels, television and print media seek us for interviews, and a reputation gets built. Today, men from all over the country and even across the globe consult us about improving their disappointing results at the hands of another surgeon.
All that said, revision procedures for man boobs are still quite challenging. There are two main areas of concern for us, and we work very hard at establishing an open, honest relationship with revision candidates so we can reach mutual understanding about them. Here’s what we explore with guys who are considering a gynecomastia re-do.

Results of the First Procedure

In the consultation room, we can usually see right away why a guy is unhappy with the outcome of the first procedure. Still, we need to carefully examine all problem areas and assess what kind of improvement is possible. Some of these include:

  • Hills and valleys—When a cosmetic surgeon has inadvertently created irregularities such as lumps and depressions, we assess to what degree these may be improved. Most guys need a combination of liposuction, fat injections and/or fat flaps for a smoother, more natural look.
  • Internal scar tissue—Internal scar tissue forms after surgery in every patient. Through careful examination we can get a sense of what’s there and plan to reduce it and or work around it as necessary.
  • External scarring—If a patient’s external scars are excessive, we can usually improve them through steroid injections or with a little scalpel treatment. It’s important to note that some scarring is inevitable.

Through this exploration, we try to make sure that the patient understands the key word is “improve,” not “perfect.” Which brings us to the second challenge.

Patient Expectations

When we talk with a patient considering revision gynecomastia in New York, we work just as hard to understand what they expect from a second procedure as we do to evaluate their physical condition. Of course this is an important step with every cosmetic surgery patient, but it’s even more crucial to get it right with man boob revision candidates.
Why is that?
The first reason is one we hinted at above: revision gynecomastia surgery is not easy. To achieve smooth, masculine looking contours takes skill and experience, and the task is especially challenging after another cosmetic surgeon has already tried.
In addition, men who have suffered with moobs are almost invariably semi-obsessed with their condition. Most think about it often and avoid activities that might expose their enlarged breasts, likes swimming, golfing and working out. Many have tried various ways to disguise their man boobs, and almost all look in the mirror more than the average guy.
Given all that, some patients remain ultra concerned about the look of their chest after revision, unwilling to accept any imperfection at all (even though no one is perfect, even before plastic surgery). We won’t take on a patient if we’re not pretty sure we can improve their chest, and we explain that perfection is not possible—but some guys don’t seem to hear us. It’s so important for revision gynecomastia candidates to be willing to partner with us in a two-way, completely candid discussion about how to move forward.
Are you thinking about a second try at gynecomastia surgery? We’re ready to meet you, and we promise to be honest about what we can achieve. Think it over, then give us a call at 561-367-9101.

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