Inspirational, isn’t it? The whole country seems to be getting on the weight loss/fitness bandwagon. TV shows like The Biggest Loser and American Ninja Warrior are firing us up and there seems to be a gym, fitness classroom or martial arts studio on every corner. Check with your friends – it’s a sure bet those who don’t pursue some kind of regular healthy activity are in the minority.
As most media-watchers know by now, when people lose weight – on their own or through weight loss surgery – they often consider cosmetic surgery to reduce the amount of excess skin that’s left over. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) spread news about this last month when they drew a correlation between an increase in bariatric surgery and higher numbers of cosmetic procedures that often follow massive weight loss, such as tummy tucks, breast surgery and others. You can read the organization’s press release here.
We are encouraged to observe the trend happening in our area. The Big Apple is no place to be out of shape and uncomfortable. It makes the daily grind of getting around the city that much more difficult, not to mention dealing with our climate. That’s why we’re so pleased to do our part by offering post weight loss plastic surgery for New York residents and people who want to travel here to work with us.
Our practice is different than most in that we serve almost as many men as we do women. We have unique experience with men’s bodies and understand what happens as they gain and lose weight. With more guys seeking our help to put the finishing touches on their slimmer, healthier physiques, we decided to dedicate a section of our website to these patients.
Interested? Start by reading an overview of the male body after weight loss. Then you can check out the information on any area of special concern to you. Perhaps you’re like many guys who drop a significant number of pounds and you need help with your abdomen. Maybe you developed a case of gynecomastia as your weight fluctuated and are considering male breast reduction.
Our website offers information on arm lifts and thigh lifts as well. These procedures tend to be less well known than others, such as abdominoplasty, but as the ASPS noted that those two surgeries saw some of the biggest increases last year: each was up 9%.
The benefits of plastic surgery after weight loss in New York with us are numerous. Physically, our patients are relieved to be rid of sagging skin, which can cause discomfort and sometimes rashes and infections. Feeling more at home in their bodies, they are also more inclined to hit the gym. Psychologically, it can make a huge difference to look in the mirror and see a new silhouette emerge from beneath folds of skin, and patients are pleased to be able to shop for clothes that fit, rather than having to choose tops and bottoms that have room for the rolls.
Given the increasing connection between weight loss surgery and cosmetic surgery, the ASPS President expressed the hope that people embarking on the journey to good health will learn about plastic surgery options sooner. We agree that while most procedures should wait until a patient is near his or her goal weight, it can be helpful to schedule a plastic surgery consultation before that milestone is reached. Patients can learn about what to expect as the pounds drop away, gain further motivation, and start preparing physically, emotionally and financially for cosmetic surgery.
It is our privilege to partner with men and women as they claim victory over obesity. If you’re ready to find out more about our services, you can give us a call at 561-367-9101. If you just have a question or two, fill out our online form and we’ll respond.

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