An inspiring milestone was reached in our state in January. As reported by GLAAD, a young person named Jackie became the first one, through the IDNYC program, to be officially recognized as a non-binary New York resident.
Entering an “X” on your state identification card rather than an “F” or “M” may not seem like a big deal to those of us who identify with the gender we were assigned at birth. But to folks like Jackie it’s a very big deal. They didn’t have to mention that it’s difficult to navigate life these days as anything but a traditional, binary male or female— we know it is. What Jackie did say is “it’s so important to have any kind of positive support.”

Non-Binary People May Elect Top Surgery in New York

We’ve been in practice in Manhattan for more than 30 years. We welcome cisgender, transgender and non-binary patients for “top surgery” – in fact, breasts are our specialty. During our three-plus decades, we’ve served women who want to change their size or lift their breasts for various reasons, including aging, changes brought about by motherhood and over/under-endowment. We’ve also become one of the leading practices in the country in helping guys with man boobs, performing hundreds of male breast reductions every year. We welcome those who don’t fit those categories too. We offer everyone the respect and consideration they seek, and we are very gratified to help people be more comfortable in their own skin.

Understanding Non-Binary People is Important

Many plastic surgeons do welcome non-cisgender patients, but we believe more could benefit from a better understanding of non-binary individuals. One of our own member societies, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), studied 458 patients with gender dysphoria who chose chest surgery (not all do, of course) at one institution a few years ago. A full 13% of the population described their gender as non-binary. Therefore, especially in metropolitan areas like London, Los Angeles, and New York, non-binary top surgery patients can contribute to a healthy, diverse practice.
More importantly, plastic surgeons have a unique opportunity to make a vital contribution to this individuals’ confidence, happiness and overall quality of life. Indeed, a key community organization,, maintains that “while, not all non-binary people need medical care to live a fulfilling life, it’s critical and even life-saving for many.”
In the ASAPS research mentioned above, non-binary individuals who elected top surgery generally reported positive changes after their procedure. These included added comfort in and out of clothing, improved sex life, more comfort while exercising and generally better quality of life. Those are rewarding outcomes for all concerned!

Working with Non-Binary Folks in New York

When a non-binary patient seeks our help with top surgery in New York, we are ready. Our team is not only highly talented and experienced in working together (most of us have been practicing alongside each other for 10+ years), we are also quite accustomed to partnering with all kinds of people. Treating our patients with honesty and respect is all-important to us.
Why not give us a call at 561-367-9101 and arrange a consultation? We’ll be happy to provide you with every bit of knowledge we have about breasts and offer suggestions if needed. The ultimate decisions are yours to make.

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