Hold onto your hats-or rather, your wallets. Here comes another nutty, oddball idea for “curing” man boobs-it’s the Floral Goodnight Bra straight from Japan. With a flower print pattern and pink, yellow or lime green color scheme, this little number promises to reverse the effects of gravity while you sleep.
Gynecomastia, known to most of our patients in New York as moobs or man boobs, is a condition that doesn’t have an easy solution. But entrepreneurial types know an opportunity when they see one and are quick to capitalize on guys’ desire for an easy fix. By the time they come visit our offices in Manhattan, many patients have tried at least one “remedy,” even if it’s not a pretty little bra.
So what do they try? A certain supplement heavily marketed on the Internet is popular. Some guys try boosting their testosterone levels, some pursue a strategy of shedding pounds and working out like crazy. A few people try herbs, a variety of diets and even flushing their systems with large amounts of water.
The truth of the matter is, that while there could be an array of circumstances contributing to a given case of moobs: hormone imbalance, marijuana use, excess fatty tissue, certain prescription drugs and more, the only sure cure is male breast reduction surgery. Hormone therapy and supplements with hormone-like effects don’t work because once breast gland has grown, it’s there to stay. Even man boobs caused by a hormone imbalance can’t be banished with extra hormones.
With moobs that are largely made up of fat, it’s a different story. Diet and exercise can serve to reduce the size of the moobs to some extent, but fat tends to produce estrogen which can trigger the growth of breast tissue. Fat and breast gland tend to co-mingle, making weight loss somewhat but not completely effective in getting moobs to disappear.
If you are a guy with moobs who has tried some of these alternatives, don’t be embarrassed. Almost no one jumps for joy at the thought of surgery, even cosmetic surgery. It’s understandable that people want to believe a less invasive option might do the trick. We would suggest that if you have tried or contemplated supplements, herbs, diets and other “remedies,” however, you might want to try a consultation with a plastic surgeon who’s a gynecomastia specialist. You don’t have to elect surgery. Treat it as a learning experience.
Creative as it is, the Floral Goodnight Bra from Japan joins a growing group of hokey (some even dangerous) treatments for moobs that just don’t work. We have to give its inventor credit for a new twist on the subject, though. One shopkeeper in Tokyo told a reporter that the bra will reverse your saggy pectoral muscles, thereby curing man boobs. Saggy pecs? That’s a new one on us.

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