Whether you live in the Alaskan backcountry or right here in New York, choosing a male breast reduction surgeon may feel somewhat like choosing any professional: it comes down to a bit of a leap of faith. But we’re not talking about your tax return or a new haircut; with plastic surgery your physique is at stake. So how do you increase the odds that your gynecomastia surgeon will deliver great results?
No matter where you live or how far you might be willing to travel, here are some steps you should follow.
Research Prospective Surgeons
One place to start gathering names of plastic surgeons is with people you know. Friends who have had plastic surgery are obvious resources, though you will want to qualify their recommendations. Also consider asking other doctors. If you have an internist, dermatologist or other physician you see and trust, you might ask them if they know any highly respected plastic surgeons in your area.
Check out the referal resources of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, whose members are only board certified plastic surgeons.
The Internet is another place you can seek prospective gynecomastia surgeons. Plug terms like “gynecomastia” and your city or state in a search engine and see what comes up.
Qualify Your Choices
Once you have some prospective plastic surgeons in mind, spend some time online researching their backgrounds. Go to forums and message board – gynecomastia.org is a great example – and find out what the community might know about your choices.
Be sure to visit your state’s department of health website and find out if any of your prospective gynecomastia surgeons are facing disciplinary action.
Examine Web Sites
As you start narrowing your choices, invest time in browsing each prospective plastic surgeon’s website thoroughly. After making sure they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and their other credentials are solid, see what they have to say about gynecomastia. Ways to tell that the surgeon has a meaningful focus on male breast reduction include:
* They have been sought by the media for interviews on gynecomastia
* They have authored books, textbook chapters or articles on the subject
* Their website has at least an entire page devoted to gynecomastia
* Their before and after gynecomastia photo gallery is quite large
Not every plastic surgeon has extensive experience in male breast reduction. Even in New York, many surgeons only treat a few cases each year. If you are lucky enough to find a few experienced gynecomastia surgeons to choose from, the next step is arranging consultations.
More on that next time.

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