If you’re wondering what happens to areolas with gynecomastia surgery, don’t be embarrassed. Anyone—man or woman—who is unhappy with the appearance of their breasts is aware that nipples and areolas play a role just as gland tissue, fat and skin do. If you’re considering surgery to reduce your man boobs, the last thing you want is to be disappointed with the look of your areolas afterward.
Here’s what you should know.

Your Areolas will Shrink with Gynecomastia Surgery

When we perform gynecomastia surgery for New York patients, we notice their skin begins to tighten right away, even on the operating table. Since areolas are just a different type of skin, they shrink in size as well. The average reduction tends to be 15 – 20% after the healing process is complete. Some patients notice that their areolas darken somewhat in color too.
If this is hard to imagine, picture an inflated balloon, then draw a circle on it and color it in. If you let a bit of the air out, the circle you’ve drawn will be smaller and darker. This will give you some idea of the effect we’re talking about. We find most guys are satisfied with the look of their areolas after male breast reduction surgery.

If Your Areolas Don’t Tighten Enough

For a few patients, the areolas may not shrink in size enough following gynecomastia surgery. This can happen for three types of guys:
• Men whose moobs are large enough to have stretched the areolas significantly
• Patients whose overall skin quality is not good, due to aging or simple genetics
• Guys with extra large areolas courtesy of Mother Nature
If you should be one of these patients, there’s a technique we can use to reduce the size of your areolas to fit the rest of you. This requires an incision around the edge, elimination of a ring of the darker skin and a permanent suture to prevent spreading of the skin and scar after surgery.
This approach works well for most patients. Risks include distortion of the areolas, the possibility that the suture may be felt under the skin and loss of sensation.

How Can You Decide What’s Right?

Male breast reduction surgery must be designed to fit the precise needs of each patient. Each guy is different, and the surgical plan should include a strategy for breast gland, fat and skin—areolas and nipples too. In certain cases there may be tradeoffs to consider.
To ensure you have every chance for a great outcome, in all aspects of male breast reduction, follow these steps:
• Perform research to find board certified plastic surgeons who have worked with hundreds of patients with man boobs
• Make sure they have before and after gynecomastia photos that demonstrate consistently good results with different types of patients
• Arrange at least two consultation appointments, and ask all the tough questions you can come up with
• Ask how the strategy fits your particular needs and make sure your doctor has addressed every aspect of your appearance, including possible risks
When you have found the gynecomastia surgeon who is right for you, you’ll know it. You’ll have discussed the outcome that’s likely—not guaranteed—along with any potential downside of the procedure. You’ll feel confident that your doctor knows how to handle your specific case and has helped you make good choices. You and your plastic surgeon will “click,” and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the big day.
We have been performing male breast reduction surgery in New York for more than 30 years and have helped thousands of guys like you. Our experience helps us know what to expect your chest will look like after healing, including your areolas. If we can help, we would be delighted to meet you.

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