Should you consider flying in to another area of the country for gynecomastia surgery, or any other procedure? Of course, only you can decide what’s right for your unique needs. But just as plastic surgery is becoming more commonplace and plastic surgeons more plentiful, it’s also more routine for patients to travel to work with the physician of their choice.
At the heart of your decision is the trade off between your convenience and your surgeon’s expertise. If you live in a fairly populous area and you’re interested in a mainstream procedure, you’re likely to find a few good plastic surgeons to choose from. For instance, if you’re seeking liposuction and you live in Dallas, or perhaps an eyelid lift in San Francisco, you may not feel the need to travel outside your area.
On the other hand, if what you need is a more specialized procedure or a revision of a prior surgery, it may indeed make sense to research the right plastic surgeon and fly to his or her city. After all, there are additional benefits of having your procedure performed out of town, including the chance to recover away from the demands of daily life and additional privacy.
When we talk with candidates for male breast reduction outside New York, we advise them to seek a plastic surgeon – whether local or not – with not just dozens, but hundreds of cases to their credit. Each patient’s physique is different, and it’s critical that the surgeon has the experience to recognize when breast tissue should be removed, when fat should be eliminated through liposuction, and when a little of both should be done. Also, only experience allows a plastic surgeon to re-contour the male chest so it looks both masculine and natural.
You can evaluate the level of a plastic surgeon’s gynecomastia expertise in several ways. Examine his or her website closely to see if male breast reduction is presented as a specialty or as an afterthought. Take a look at the before and after gynecomastia pictures displayed; again, you’re looking for many cases, not just a few. If you decide to have a consultation with a prospective plastic surgeon, ask for referrals to patients you can speak with personally.
If you’d like to explore male breast reduction in New York with us, give our office a call at 561-367-9101 or contact us online and our staff can help you work through the logistics. We can assist with travel arrangements, accommodations and even tips for what to do while you’re here.

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