What complications are possible with male breast reduction surgery? And more to the point, if you elect the procedure, what’s the likelihood you’ll experience a problem or need revision surgery?
We are always glad to tell our NYC gynecomastia patients that male breast reduction surgery is very safe, and it should be the same way with just about any board certified plastic surgeon with a good reputation. The more experienced your plastic surgeon has specifically with gynecomastia, however, the better your chances are of being happy with your results as well as safe. After thirty years of working with men with enlarged breasts, our revision rate is near zero. Experience truly does pay off.
Here are the most common complications and the implications of each one.

  • Hematoma: The surgical team ensures that all bleeding is stopped before a patient moves to the recovery room, but rarely a blood vessel will open up after surgery and cause a small collection under the skin. It can happen when a patient does not follow post-op instructions or for no reason at all. Most cases resolve themselves; very rarely a short trip to the operating room may be needed.
  • Seroma: A seroma is a pocket of clear fluid rather than blood. Like a hematoma, a seroma can develop after surgery, but this doesn’t happen often. Treatment may be simply to keep an eye on the seroma or to remove the fluid via syringe.
  • Infection: Since gynecomastia surgery takes place just under the skin, and because antibiotics are used as preventative measures, infections are quite rare. When they occur, they are treatable.
  • Contour irregularities: Hills and valleys under the skin are best prevented by choosing a plastic surgeon with hundreds of gynecomastia cases to his or her credit. Knowing how to create a masculine looking chest without removing too much tissue and causing a crater or other unnatural result requires practice. And the surgeon must take the time needed in the operating room to ensure sculpting is done properly, as mistakes made during surgery rarely improve during the healing stage.

You probably know that risks and complications are possibilities with any type of surgery. Fortunately, male breast reduction is not a very invasive operation. Surgery takes place outside major body cavities, meaning the operation itself and your recovery should be relatively smooth.
When you have your consultation appointment, ask your plastic surgeon about risks and complications and be sure you understand all the instructions the surgical team has for you. The best way to minimize the possibility of a post-surgical issue is to have full information and be ready to do your part in a speedy recovery.

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