The short answer to the question about gynecomastia surgery results is YES! Generally speaking, those who suffer from man boobs can expect good results from male breast reduction. But there’s a lot more to the question than a one-word answer. Here are some related topics we explore in the consultation room with our New York gynecomastia patients.
What are some of the reasons guys may not be satisfied with their results?
There are two leading reasons why men may not be happy with the outcome of male breast reduction:
1) They don’t choose a gynecomastia specialist. For a variety of reasons, patients sometimes don’t choose a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing surgery on man boobs. These can include lack of understanding of the complexity of surgery, distance, price and others. We see dozens of these patients seeking gynecomastia revision surgery each year—here’s a story about one of them.
2) They are hypercritical. We occasionally run into a patient who is so obsessed with his man boobs that he continues to pick at every little aspect of his physique after surgery. These guys do not realize that not only is perfection impossible, they weren’t perfect before surgery! We are careful to talk with our New York gynecomastia patients about this in consultation, assuring them that we have every confidence they will look MUCH BETTER after healing and assessing if their expectations are realistic.
Since these two key satisfaction factors are mainly under each patient’s control…
Why don’t more guys with man boobs seek gynecomastia surgery?
In thirty plus years of performing surgery for gynecomastia in New York, we’ve uncovered a few different reasons men may hesitate to consider the procedure. Here are two:
1) Many guys view cosmetic surgery as an option for women rather than men, partly thanks to the almost daily dissections of female celebrity breast augmentations, butt lifts and facial procedures in the media. Even though fully 10% of cosmetic surgeries are performed on men, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you just don’t hear about it all that often. (Unless you count publicity related to guys aspiring to look like Ken dolls.)
2) No matter how much they hate their man boobs and how much their physique holds them back, some guys just can’t envision going under the knife. If you read some of the patient experiences on RealSelf, you’ll quickly run across comments like “I could always find a reason not to go forward,” and “…kept making up excuses not to have the surgery done.”
If you continue to browse patient experiences on RealSelf, you’ll note another trend: many reviewers remark that they should have had the procedure much sooner. Not only that—RealSelf reviewers almost universally recommend to other guys that they take the plunge. One of our patients had this to say on the site:

Don’t think twice about getting it done if you suffer from gynecomastia – it definitely improves your quality of life and gives you confidence which shines through in all other aspects of your life, at least for me it has.

We understand that electing gynecomastia surgery isn’t a decision to be made lightly, and that some guys have multiple reasons to hesitate including worries about the potential outcome. If this is your situation, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve worked with patients from around the globe—some of whom have taken years to come to their decision.
Given the decades we’ve spent perfecting male breast reduction, we offer education, understanding and support that our patients find very helpful. Chances are, you’ll come away from a consultation with us feeling confident and ready!

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