Men tend not to think about their skin too much, but it is definitely a factor when it comes to male breast reduction. Our New York patients often don’t bring up the topic in consultation with us, so we make sure to discuss the role of skin elasticity in gynecomastia surgery with each one.
Skin elasticity is the quality that makes skin supple and gives it the ability to bounce back when stretched. Think of the skin as containing thousands of tiny rubber bands – actually collagen and elastin fibers. When your skin is youthful and healthy, it rebounds easily because the fibers are strong. But when the fibers are damaged or stretched too far, too long, they lose their ability to tighten up again. In the case of stretch marks, the fibers are actually broken.
As you might guess, elasticity is lost through the normal aging process. But there are other ways to damage your skin’s supple qualities: tanning, smoking, and, notably, weight gain. Once elasticity is lost there’s no way to restore it.
To qualify for gynecomastia surgery through minimal incisions – and therefore, minimal scars – it’s critical to have a reasonable degree of skin elasticity. As excess breast tissue and fat are removed through the small incisions, your skin needs to have the ability to tighten on its own.
If you’re interested in a solution for your man boobs but you’re not sure whether your skin will bounce back, don’t be overly concerned. We find that the majority of our New York male breast reduction patients do qualify for minimal incision gynecomastia surgery, and we will discuss this with you in consultation. If you’d like to contact us now, just fill our short form.
Even if your skin has lost a great deal of elasticity, you can still have gynecomastia surgery. If this is the case for you, we will work together on a surgical plan. Longer incisions may be needed to tighten up loose skin, and you will make the decision whether to trade additional scars for a smoother, flatter chest. Many of our patients do elect to proceed, valuing the way they look in clothing and the boost to their self-esteem when they no longer feel embarrassed about their appearance. Some feel surgery is not worthwhile if scars are part of the outcome.
In any case, it’s our job to help you gain a realistic view of the results you can expect from gynecomastia surgery in the hands of a specialist. It’s an assignment we take very seriously.

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