A while back, we met a guy on gynecomastia.org who was asking about having gynecomastia surgery after losing 75 pounds. He was hoping the procedure might be less complex (and therefore, cost less) than when he was overweight, and that recovery might be easier.

We’ve worked with (literally) thousands of men with moobs in New York over a span of three decades, including guys with all body types. Although we hated to burst the poster’s bubble, we had to tell him that the reverse would more likely be true: unfortunately, man boob surgery after weight loss can be more complicated than before. Here’s why.

Breast gland can be diffuse. Many people aren’t aware that fat generates its own little environment including extra estrogen. When breasts are fatty, whether male or female, breast gland growth usually occurs, and the tissue can be entwined throughout the breasts. As people lose the weight, the gland remains and can become more concentrated and challenging to remove.

• Skin may be stretched. As we all know by now, courtesy of many reality shows on television, weight gain stretches the skin. Patients who are lucky enough to see their skin bounce back are often:

  • On the younger side
  • Were overweight for a shorter period of time
  • Were less overweight than others
  • Have good skin quality

Having minimal scar moob surgery in New York with us, instead of a more extensive mastectomy or two-stage procedure, depends on the chances the skin will shrink back into place effectively. This is a call we make together with our patients. Read more about the considerations here.

• Nipples may be out of position. Almost worse than having saggy skin for some is nipples positioned too low on the chest, even pointing downward. This situation can make guys very self-conscious. We often recommend surgery that elevates the nipple-areola complex back into the right place, and we design each one of these operations to fit individual needs. The procedure is more involved than minimal-scar moob surgery.

We’re Ready for Anything

For these reasons, gynecomastia surgery for patients who were formerly overweight or obese is not easier than if they had not shed the pounds. When formerly hefty guys come see us, we assure them that we’re ready for the challenge of banishing what remains of their moobs. For New York patients with good skin quality, we use our own special cannula that can suction away fat and gently release and remove gland tissue too. We use it like a sculptor would use an artist’s tool to create smooth contours under the skin, no matter how challenging the tissue is. Then, we re-drape the skin to lie flat over the masculine contours.

When a patient’s skin quality may not lend itself to a good result with this approach, we propose surgery that would be more appropriate and talk it over. The scars-for-contours tradeoff is a primary decision point. See before and after man boob photos of guys who have elected this kind of surgery. Many decide the tradeoff is worth it.

Recovery is Do-Able

It’s probably obvious that recovery after moob surgery in New York isn’t easier for a formerly heavy patient than for one who is still overweight. But generally speaking, the post-op period usually goes very smoothly. It starts with an easy wake-up from our preferred twilight sedation protocol—no general anesthesia hangover. Patients are off work and resting for a few days, then gradually getting back to their normal activity.

We’re always delighted to work with formerly overweight patients with moobs in New York. It’s gratifying to help them put the finishing touches on their new, much healthier body.

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Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

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