It may sound enticing: male breast reduction at a lower cost and a vacation in an exotic locale to boot. It’s no wonder some men we speak with consider having surgery in another country rather than treating their gynecomastia in New York or another U.S. city.
But before you make your reservations, there are a few things to think over.
Research: When you first start your researching gynecomastia in the U.S., it can be challenging to understand the nuances of important details like board certification for surgeons. It also takes time browsing the Web, talking to others who’ve had surgery and going to consultations before you know you’ve found a highly qualified gynecomastia specialist you “click” with.
The research process is that much more difficult when varying certification standards, different customs and other languages are thrown into the mix. There are medical tourism companies that may be helpful, but if you contact one remember they are there to sell you on the idea of going abroad.
Complications: As discussed in our last article, complications from male breast reduction are relatively rare. Should you experience a problem during or shortly after surgery, however, you’ll be far from home. It could add anxiety to an already stressful time to be in the hands of medical staff in another country.
If you discover a complication after you return home, you’ll need to find a local plastic surgeon experienced in gynecomastia and start a new relationship. If you need fine-tuning or revision, your savings could dwindle quickly.
Recovery: In the hands of a skilled gynecomastia surgeon, recovery should be relatively straightforward and fairly comfortable. However, you will need to rest for at least a couple of days and take it easier than usual for a few weeks. Why? The truth is, any activity that raises your blood pressure can contribute to excess swelling and even post-op bleeding. This means curbing even moderate exercise like hiking, biking and so on.
In addition, you will need to treat your arms gently during recovery. This means you won’t be able engage in activities like swimming, or carry luggage, shopping bags and other items as you would on a normal vacation.
We don’t mean to imply that qualified gynecomastia surgeons don’t exist anywhere but the United States. There are certainly many talented plastic surgeons in most countries throughout the world. And it’s no secret that health care is increasingly expensive in our country. But when you consider every detail and add all the travel-related costs to the price of surgery – especially if you bring a loved one to help, which is a must – you may find that going to India, Bolivia or Poland is not really a better choice than electing surgery for gynecomastia in New York.

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