If you visit a prospective gynecomastia surgeon who can tell you exactly what he or she will do during your procedure, and/or who performs just about the same procedure on every patient, you may want to think twice before signing up for a surgery date. It would be a good idea to get a second and even third opinion, or at least ask quite a few questions.
As we tell our New York gynecomastia patients, it’s essential that each male breast reduction procedure be fine-tuned to the specific needs of the patient. And that means some decisions must be made in the operating suite as the gynecomastia surgeon gets a close up look at exactly what kind of tissue is present throughout the entire chest area.
Through our experience working with 2,000 gynecomastia patients over two decades, we’ve learned a great deal. We know enough to make educated guesses about what we’ll find under the skin during surgery, and we’re right most of the time. Still, we make final decisions during the male breast reduction procedure to achieve optimum results for each man. It’s important to understand that no one, not even a plastic surgeon well versed in male breast surgery, can predict exactly what type of tissue lies beneath the skin prior to making incisions.
We think of the surgical process as a “decision tree.” We start with a tiny nick near the armpit and perform liposuction with instruments we’ve designed for this purpose. In about a third of our patients, we discover a modest amount of breast tissue that can also be removed with a cannula through this same incision.
When we find a larger amount of dense breast gland that can’t be taken out this way, we make small incisions around the edge of the areolas. This allows us to remove the balance of the breast tissue and achieve a smooth, contoured appearance.
The decision tree doesn’t apply to the breasts alone. We also take a look at surrounding areas and determine whether there are stubborn fat deposits along the sides of the chest or into the armpit that should be removed. Each case is unique, but the goal is the same: to achieve a natural looking, masculine result.
We understand that every patient hopes for the least invasive male breast reduction procedure possible, and that’s our goal as well. But even when our New York gynecomastia patients need multiple small incisions to achieve a great-looking outcome, we assure them that scars will be minimal, or even nearly invisible. Take a look at our before and after gynecomastia photos to see what we mean.

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