By the time they consult us about male breast reduction, our New York patients have typically done quite a bit of research. Nearly all of them tell us they began their journey on the Internet, so we thought we would use our blog to make note of some resources for men who are just starting to learn about gynecomastia.
Here are some sources of information to check out.
Websites: For a very basic overview, a good place to visit is the Mayo Clinic’s website. Find the article about gynecomastia here. Another good reference – this one aimed at medical professionals – can be found on the Medscape reference site. And of course we’re hoping you’ll check out our website devoted to the topic. There are actually many places to access information about man boobs on the Internet. As with just about every other subject, what you’ll find varies quite a bit in accuracy and overall quality. We suggest you read several articles and sites for this reason. There are a few websites where you can find different kinds of information about man boobs, and a few places to get questions answered. But in our view, the very best online resource is It offers basic information including before and after gynecomastia photos, a plastic surgeon locator and scientific articles. But most valuable are the forums. Here you can talk with other gynecomastia patients and pose questions directly to gynecomastia surgeons.
Your primary care doctor: It can be helpful to consult your regular doctor about your condition. He or she should be familiar with gynecomastia and may be able to talk you through possible contributing causes – for instance, if a medication you take might be triggering breast tissue growth. Your doctor can also help rule out underlying diseases. We would caution you to be aware that most primary care physicians aren’t necessarily gynecomastia experts, however. It still pays to do your own research.
Male breast reduction specialists: Even if you’re not considering gynecomastia surgery, it may very well be worthwhile to visit with one or more gynecomastia specialists. Look for board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in moobs ( is a great resource for this). Most plastic surgeons today offer consultations online and/or by phone, aided with photo exchanges. Getting input from someone who performs dozens or even hundreds of man boob surgeries annually can be invaluable in understanding gynecomastia and making the right decisions.
If you would like to contact us in New York about gynecomastia, we would be very pleased to help. There are many competent board certified plastic surgeons who offer male breast reduction, but almost none perform as many of these surgeries as we do. Sharing our experience would be a pleasure, whatever the future holds for you.
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