We enjoy telling how we got started specializing in male breast reduction.
Thirty-five years ago, when we established our plastic surgery practice in New York, gynecomastia patients weren’t as numerous as they are today. The World Wide Web did not exist as we know it, no sitcoms had dealt with man boobs and men generally weren’t talking about the topic too much. Indeed most men weren’t accustomed to thinking about plastic surgery for any reason – except, perhaps, rhinoplasty – let alone for enlarged male breasts.
Looking back on the first gynecomastia patients we met, some dating back to med school days, we observed that the techniques used at the time seemed somewhat unsophisticated, making the operations long and invasive. Correspondingly, recovery was lengthy and results were disappointing for many patients. Men were left with unsightly scars and uneven contours. Some felt that the final outcome was worse than the original problem.
Those first New York gynecomastia patients we consulted with – many who sought revision surgery – inspired us. We designed our own set of surgical instruments specifically for gynecomastia. These implements can perform liposuction and breast gland excision, treatment most patients need for optimal results. The slender instruments allow us to perform precision contouring while causing minimal trauma to adjacent tissues.
With these special instruments in hand, another goal could be met: a minimal scar approach to male breast reduction. The majority of our gynecomastia procedures call for a tiny nick in the skin near the armpit. If another entry point is needed, we make a small incision around the edge of the areola. The resulting scars are nearly invisible for most patients.
Through the years, we have perfected our approach to male breast reduction surgery. Employing a sense of artistry along with the science involved, we take great pride in creating a natural looking, masculine result for each individual patient, whether he is a body builder with a muscular physique, a teen whose moobs have persisted over time or a mature man with a heavier build, and whether the operation calls for liposuction, tissue excision, fat grafting, skin removal or a combination of all these techniques.
More than thirty years down the road, we are thankful that male breast reduction is a topic most people can discuss without undue embarrassment. And we still feel a tremendous sense of sympathy for men who suffer from man boobs and for their partners who care about their well-being. That’s why we will be as pleased to help the next patient who walks through our door as we felt during our very first gynecomastia consultation.
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