Cases of man boobs are as individual as they come—and we’re not just talking about the physical condition. The psychological effects of gynecomastia can be utterly devastating, as we discuss here on our gynecomastia website’s welcome page.
In many years of specializing in surgery for man boobs in New York, we have treated all kinds of patients, including those whose emotional life has been crippled by the condition. If this describes you to a “T,” the last thing you should do is pile further shame upon yourself.
There are guys who aren’t terribly bothered by enlarged breasts; it’s true. On the other hand, we see many patients like Michael, who was so traumatized he couldn’t even speak the name of his condition. We’ve learned that the ways men and boys cope with moobs depends on many factors: the attitudes of family members, their friends and school/work environment, their genetic makeup and more. If your moobs prevent you from having a “normal” life, you’re far from alone.

A Story You Should Read if You’re Struggling

We recently ran across an agonizingly candid story of man boobs on Huffpost. The author, a successful blogger, seemed to have a lot going for him, namely a loving wife, beautiful daughter and the opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad. Yet growing up with his condition led to two nervous breakdowns, an inaccurate body image and a severe case of self-hatred.
In the conclusion of his article, the blogger pleads with parents to show their boys with boobs “nothing but love and understanding,” – contrary to the bullying he experienced from his father and ignorance on the part of his mother. He asserts, “Gynecomastia can and should be corrected for your child’s sanity.”

Some Help if You’re Beyond Struggling

Unfortunately, gynecomastia can lead to such despair for some that they contemplate taking their own lives. We have heard this from patients a few times in our own New York gynecomastia consulting room, and we read it all too often in the forums on A few years ago, one sufferer posted that he couldn’t take it anymore and would be dead soon. He said, “I’m contemplating suicide seriously this time to the point of knowing exactly how I’m going to do it.”
We are strong advocates for because it’s a great place for guys to connect with people who truly understand what they’re feeling: other guys with man boobs. In fact, this particular patient received such supportive feedback that he posted this response: “you guys are so amazing. you give me strength.”
One member of offered this advice we could have written ourselves:
This condition is curable. You can do something about it. You can do something about it. It would be different if you just had this and that was that, but this isn’t the case.
He went on to offer six steps that make complete sense:
1) Get some good compression shirts and start wearing them.
2) Start eating healthier and working out to build muscle so your chest will look even better after gynecomastia surgery.
3) Pick a doctor you like, no matter where they are and what they cost. If you end up with a bad result, you will still be depressed. Be very selective about your surgeon.
4) Start working hard and saving every penny. It’s a “temporary sacrifice for a lifetime of joy.”
5) Pick a surgery date that gives you time to save money. Note it on the calendar and look at it frequently.
6) Resolve that your last day of suffering was yesterday—you’ve suffered enough. You’re now on a mission and nothing will stop you!

We Can Help Too

In our offices in New York, gynecomastia is a condition we live and breathe every day. Yes, we perform many other cosmetic surgery procedures for both women and men, but since we started specializing in male breast reduction thirty years ago we have become a go-to practice for man boob sufferers. We have worked with thousands of guys just like you; we know what you’re going through and what you hope for.
Don’t despair a moment longer. Contact us to start a conversation about your new life ahead.

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