When body builders come to consult us about gynecomastia in New York, they frequently express a great deal of frustration. We understand. It can be discouraging to work hard on your physique and see man boobs in the mirror instead of sleek, muscular contours.
Ironically, all those hours in the gym can actually contribute to noticeable moobs, or “bitch tits” as they’re often called in the world of bodybuilding. Since these patients often have well-developed muscle structure and little fat, any excess breast tissue tends to be prominent on the chest wall. The tissue is usually concentrated in the center of the breast and often causes puffy nipples (though we have seen large amounts of breast tissue in body builders as well).
Another common contributing factor for body builders with man boobs is the use of anabolic steroids. Gynecomastia is a well-known side effect of these substances. The body converts the testosterone they contain into estrogen, which can trigger the growth of breast tissue.
Fortunately, for body builders who will refrain from taking illicit drugs in the future, male breast reduction surgery can provide a permanent solution. For our patients in New York with gynecomastia, we simply make a very small incision around the edge of the areola and remove the breast tissue. We often perform light liposuction to assist in re-draping the skin. Sometimes we use drains to help channel away post-surgical fluid and avoid build up. After healing, scars are most often nearly invisible.
Body builders are a unique group of gynecomastia patients in that they are most often in excellent physical and nutritional health. They pay attention to their well-being, and they don’t smoke. Therefore, body builders can generally anticipate a positive outcome from male breast reduction surgery.
If you’re a body builder with gynecomastia, we encourage you to visit a board certified plastic surgeon who’s experienced in working with patients like you and has dozens of before and after gynecomastia photos to prove it. If you’d like to consult us, just call the office at 561-367-9101 or use our contact form.

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