We just spotted something online that makes us feel a little sad. In a gynecomastia forum one guy commented that he has a “Seasonal Personality.” He said he notes that when he pays attention to his condition, namely in warm weather when he can’t cover it up with shirts and sweaters, he is shy and reserved. In cold weather he is the opposite—talkative and full of energy. He went on to say that he’s “himself” for much of the year, but “as soon as it gets hot outside, I mentally feel like shit.”
We can’t help but have sympathy for the guy, and his post makes us wonder why he doesn’t look into having man boob surgery in New York with us or with another experienced, board certified gynecomastia specialist. It is not our habit to push every man with enlarged breasts toward having surgery; some guys are content to live with their condition and that’s great. But in the case of this gentleman, we would like to ask: “What are you waiting for?”

Maybe He Can’t Afford Gynecomastia Surgery

Plenty of our New York man boobs patients come in for their consultation not knowing exactly how they will pay for the procedure. It’s common to have a discussion about surgery, look ahead to the probable results, answer each other’s questions, and leave it there for the time being. We have waited months, even years, for some patients to save up for gynecomastia surgery.
Guys we meet come up with ideas of all kinds to save for man boob surgery. From small moves like giving up fancy coffee drinks to larger impact strategies like saving their tax return money, most men who really want male breast reduction can find a way to cover it eventually. As we mentioned in our last post, a young teen we worked with even devoted his bar mitzvah money to his male breast reduction fund.
We work with a financing company that helps some patients with part of the tab for surgery. For many, the monthly payment is less than an average utility bill.

Perhaps He’s Reluctant to Undergo Surgery

We’re guessing for Mr. Seasonal Personality, the stumbling block is actually going under the knife. He stated that he did not feel much like getting “cut open.” We understand this completely. It’s quite common for people to be fearful of surgery, and when the procedure is elective it can be all the more challenging to justify it.
This is also a topic we usually discuss with our New York man boobs candidates. First, we reassure them that male breast reduction can be considered minimally invasive, as we do not penetrate into the abdomen at all. In fact, our work not only takes place above the rib cage, we operate above the pectoral muscles as well. Most patients are left with just tiny nicks in the skin’s surface after healing.
In addition, one advantage in working with us is that we can use intravenous (IV) sedation with most guys in our fully accredited surgical facility. With IV sedation, also called twilight sedation, there’s no need for general anesthesia, which can cause some patients additional anxiety along with the negative side effects.
When guys haven’t come to terms with electing surgery, we usually send them home to think it over. It can be very helpful to visit forums online to chat with other guys, and sites like RealSelf that can give guys independent assessments of whether male breast reduction is worthwhile.
We agree with one guy who answered Seasonal Personality. He advised, “Get the surgery.” He asked what will happen when SP meets a girl and observed that relationships can’t last when a guy feels he has to hide himself. His parting advice was, “Get it done now while you are young, so you can live life to the fullest.”
Imagine a summer without moobs! If you want to talk about the possibility, call us at 561-367-9101.

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