Isn’t it a great feeling when you get some maintenance work accomplished all at once? Like when you take your car in to the shop and your mechanic gives it a tune up, changes the oil and rotates the tires in one afternoon?

What if you could get the same kind of all-in-one service for your physique? Well, to a great extent, you can! As we outlined in this month’s issue of CosmeticTown, we call the procedure a “torsoplasty” because it’s essentially a tune up for your torso.

As we explained in the interview, it’s easiest to envision the possibilities if you think of the human torso as a body without arms and legs. In many cases, whatever might be bothering you about your torso can be improved in outpatient cosmetic surgery that takes about two and a half to three hours. This means, if you’re a guy in good health and at or near your ideal weight, you might choose one or more of these options:

Male breast reduction: This procedure addresses man boobs. Also called gynecomastia surgery, the goal is to eliminate excess breast tissue no matter the make up of gland and fat. We resculpt the chest and create more masculine contours.

Nipple surgery: Nipples that are oversized and/or protruding can also be reduced during a torsoplasty. This is generally a simple procedure.

Liposuction: Once chest surgery is completed, liposuction of the abdominal area is next. Fat can be suctioned away starting below the breasts all the way to the groin as needed. If love handles are present, they can be tackled as well.

Tummy Tuck: If a patient has gained and lost weight or abdominal skin and muscles have become lax for another reason, we can perform a full tummy tuck. In this procedure, also called abdominoplasty, we make incisions that enable us to remove saggy skin and tighten loose muscles.

As you can see, this menu of options allows us to partner with each patient to design a strategy that’s just right for his needs. Every torsoplasty we perform is therefore as unique as each guy we work with.

Sound intriguing? Straightforward? Yes! But there are some things you need to know.

This procedure will not fix a beer belly. Whether beer is the culprit or not, an oversized, rounded male gut is not a good target for a torsoplasty. This kind of fat is mainly inside the abdominal cavity instead of an inch or so under the skin. Diet and exercise – in other words, losing weight – is the right strategy for a classic beer belly.

A torsoplasty is not the same as a body lift. In appropriate cases, we can perform skin excision and muscle repair – namely, a tummy tuck – along with male breast reduction and other body contouring. But if a guy has lost a great deal of weight, he may be a better candidate for a body lift. This surgery is sometimes called a circumferential abdominoplasty because incisions encircle the torso, allowing us to remove fat deposits, tighten muscles and eliminate skin all the way around the abdomen.

Skin quality is a factor. A guy whose skin is not very elastic – whether due to weight fluctuation, age or sun exposure – may not be a great candidate for a torsoplasty. It would be a big disappointment to see saggy, wrinkled skin left behind after man boobs and stubborn fat pockets are banished.

The best way to learn whether a torsoplasty would be a good move for you is to come in and see us. We’ll listen to your goals, examine you and have an open discussion about the choices. There’s never any obligation – we will learn from each other and you’ll decide what’s right.

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