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We’ve been helping guys with man boobs in Manhattan for years, and many of them have been New York teens with gynecomastia. We write about adolescent man boobs frequently too—most often speaking directly to the kids. We’ve found they can use support particularly in telling their parents about gynecomastia and in providing evidence that the condition is worth treating.

This time we’d like to speak to parents who suspect (or know) their son has man boobs but the subject has not been brought up. We understand how you may be feeling! The teen years are tough enough for most kids and parents—throwing man boobs into the mix is cruel and difficult to talk about. Yet, like every other hurdle in adolescence, it should be addressed for the sake of the best future possible for your son.

Confirm Your Suspicions

If you haven’t actually seen the shape of your son’s torso lately, that in itself could be a sign he has man boobs. Mortified that they’ve “grown a pair,” most kids will do anything to hide them: taping, binding, wearing multiple shirts and putting on a jacket even when it’s warm outside. Some develop a hunched over posture. Many boys will withdraw from activities that may cause their condition to be noticed such as swimming. Some withdraw even further and become antisocial.

Bullying often makes things worse. If your son displays some of the behaviors we’re talking about and seems to want to avoid school and normal activities, it’s a reasonable bet gynecomastia may be to blame. These kids are truly in pain.

Do Your Research

We suggest you visit two sites created by professional plastic surgeon organizations: surgery.org and plasticsurgery.org. This is not an effort to push you toward male breast reduction for your child; it’s because board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in gynecomastia surgery tend to know more about the condition than other doctors.

Next, we encourage you to visit gynecomastia.org. There you’ll find more information, see a list of plastic surgeons who perform male breast reduction as a practice sub-specialty and find forums where patients and doctors speak up. We don’t always agree 100% with all the information we see on gynecomastia.org, but overall the site is an excellent resource.

Raise the Subject

If your son is a sensitive guy and has not approached you about his man boobs, it might take some strategic thinking about how best to raise the topic. If you feel you can make a casual statement about “running into some information,” you might try doing so in the car or on a walk when you are side by side instead of looking at each other directly. You could also try printing out some information and leaving it on a table before broaching the subject. One idea would be to leave the story of our New York gynecomastia patient John lying around and see if it helps trigger a discussion.

If you can’t bring yourself to launch into it, you could schedule a doctor’s visit for your son to and ask the physician to address the issue. Be advised, though, that many primary care physicians aren’t experts on gynecomastia and some tell young men their moobs will disappear if they lose weight or at some magic age. This isn’t true! If a teen has had gynecomastia for two years plus—young or not, overweight or not—it’s here to stay. Talk with the doctor about this before you send your son for an appointment.

Parting Thoughts

We don’t mean to imply that man boobs are certainly behind any issues your son may be having. There are many other causes of teen troubles. Take time to observe behavior and clothing and you can make an educated guess about whether enlarged breasts are a problem.

We also acknowledge that male breast reduction surgery is not for every teen in New York with gynecomastia. But we do hope you’ll consider just how devastating man boobs can be for an adolescent, at the worst possible time of life. If you find an expert plastic surgeon and support your son through the straightforward procedure, it could very literally be life-changing.

Why not schedule a consultation to discuss teen gynecomastia in New York with us? We would be delighted to meet your family and very pleased to play a role in your young man’s happiness. Take a look at our photo gallery of before and after teen gynecomastia photos, then give us a call today at 561-367-9101.

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