The journey through and beyond gynecomastia tends to be a difficult one for most men – even more so for someone considering a revision. We talk to many such patients each year online and in our consultation room in New York. Gynecomastia surgery results that are less than hoped for can be devastating.
If your man boob experience has brought you to the point of considering gynecomastia revision, don’t hesitate to contact us for input. You can give us a call at 561-367-9101 or post a question on one of the forums on We often answer questions there, as do other board certified plastic surgeons.
In the meantime, here are some questions you can ask yourself before you decide it’s time to go under the knife again.

  • Has all swelling subsided? Frustrating though it can be, it can truly take six months for every bit of swelling to dissipate. Longer if you contributed by not wearing your compression garment as prescribed or exercising too soon.
  • Are you worried about what you feel instead of what you see? We sometimes call this the “I feel something in there” problem. Remember that it’s the contours – the appearance – of your chest that count. Given that scar tissue has a mind of its own, no plastic surgeon can guarantee you will feel as smooth as you look.
  • Do you have a “perfection obsession?” Like many patients with man boobs, you may have scrutinized your chest several times a day before electing gynecomastia surgery. Are you continuing to do this? If so, you may have fallen into the trap of looking for a perfect chest in the mirror. Take a step back and evaluate your appearance objectively. There’s a good chance your results will look normal and natural, more than “good enough.”

If you still believe a male breast reduction “do over” is something to consider, you may want to think about choosing a gynecomastia specialist with a fly-in for surgery program. When your first surgery doesn’t hit the mark, it’s even more crucial to select your plastic surgeon wisely.
We have performed many hundreds of revisions in our surgery center in New York. Gynecomastia sufferers from around the globe often choose to work with us – why not inquire about what we can do for you?

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