Once in a while we consult with a New York gynecomastia patient whose surgeon removed too much fat or breast gland. Often this results in what’s known as a “crater deformity,” or depression under the nipple/areola. Other times a man’s chest simply looks asymmetrical after surgery. Sometimes additional problems are present too, such as loose skin and poor scars.

We really feel for these patients! After agonizing over gynecomastia and going through all the preparations for male breast reduction, ending up with disappointing results can be devastating. That’s why we’re pleased to tell many men who choose us to improve their outcome that surgery may not be necessary. Fat grafting may be the best choice to bring about natural looking chest contours.

Although fat grafting is a relatively new procedure and there is still much for plastic surgeons to learn, we have found that with proper technique, injected fat can indeed improve less-than-wonderful surgical results. Fat must be harvested and handled very carefully to improve the chances that it will survive in its new location. It must be strategically injected in thin ribbons and surrounded by normal tissue to help ensure the transferred fat will find a viable blood supply.

It’s also important to relocate fat in small amounts at a time. Injecting too much at once is a leading cause of fat necrosis (death) and additional scar tissue build-up.

Working with patients who have had too much tissue removed is a challenge we find very rewarding. Each patient must be carefully evaluated in order to create the right plan. Patients with indentations may need scar tissue to be released. Patients with bulges as well as craters may need additional light liposuction. We can’t promise to deliver perfect results, especially after an initial procedure gone wrong, but we can usually improve chest contours quite a bit. Take a look at our before and after gynecomastia photos to see some of our work.

If you’ve been disappointed with the results of your surgery for gynecomastia, our New York consultation room awaits you! We have three decades of experience in male breast reduction, much of it performing revision procedures. Give us a call at 561-367-9101 or contact us online for an appointment.

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