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The effects of the local anesthetic will persist for several hours after torsoplasty – so you will be comfortable in the recovery room and for your journey home or to your hotel. Ultimately, these effects will wear off and you will have some discomfort, which will be handled by the pain medication that has been prescribed for you. The feeling has been described as soreness “as if you had just been hit in your chest and also performed 100 straight abdominal crunches.” It usually subsides substantially within 48 hours. Dr. Jacobs will personally call you within the first 24 hours after your torsoplasty.

There will also be some swelling, bruising and numbness of the chest, abdomen and love handles — these will disappear within a few weeks. You may shower two days after surgery and drive within 3-4 days. Recovery takes about one week although there is considerable healing of your torsoplasty during the ensuing months as well. Sedentary activities can be resumed within a few days after surgery and many patients return to desk-type work in less than a week. All strenuous activities should be avoided for a minimum of three weeks after surgery. A gradual return to full exercise training can begin at four weeks postoperatively.

Dr. Jacobs will schedule several post-operative examinations after your procedure.


TORSOPLASTY - Model (body)

Beginning several weeks after surgery, the suctioned areas will begin to feel firm and sometimes rock hard. This is the next stage of healing and the firmness will remain for several months, gradually softening as time goes on. You will also note a gradual return of full sensation to the skin – this may also take several months. Gentle massage with moisturizing cream will help at this time. It will take three to six months or more before full and complete healing has occurred.

It is not unusual for there to be a period of “lumpy-bumpy” feelings on the skin of the abdomen. These represent areas of swelling and early scar tissue alternating with normal tissue. Massage of these areas will improve them over time. Gradually, your new body contour will appear. If your weight remains stable after surgery, the results of your torsoplasty will be permanent. If you should lose additional weight and/or build muscle bulk, the results will actually improve over time. If you should gain weight, then some of the surgical benefits will be lost.

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