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Gynecomastia - Before and After Photos

Congratulations on taking the first step toward addressing your gynecomastia concerns! Dr. Jacobs will be in contact with you to schedule your free video consultation soon.

Based on all your information submitted, Dr. Jacobs can usually make a preliminary diagnosis and surgical treatment plan and provide an estimate for the costs of the operation. Assuming the plan/costs are acceptable to you, we would begin arrangements for your surgery over the phone or by email.

Among those arrangements would be some necessary pre-operative blood, urine, and Covid tests. On occasion, Dr. Jacobs may also request an ECG and medical clearance from your physician. In most cases, no hormonal blood testing or mammograms are required.

These tests can be done by your local doctor or clinic and the results scanned/emailed/faxed to the office. The test results must be received by our office at least 10 – 14 days prior to the scheduled surgery. The Covid test should be done within 5 days of surgery – and then you should semi-quarantine as best possible until surgery. The office will provide help in securing discounted local hotel accommodations, etc. Please indicate if you will be traveling with someone to accompany you to the surgery.

Dr. Jacobs would insist on seeing you in the office at least one or more days before surgery to review everything, answer your questions and confirm the physical examination. The surgery will normally be scheduled within a day or two.

We would like you to remain in the general Boca Raton vicinity for at least several days before you return home. It would be most helpful if you would have a companion with you.

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