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MTF Top Surgery: Surgery and Recovery

Written by Dr. Jacobs

What will you be feeling on “the big day” of top surgery? Eager anticipation, perhaps? A measure of anxiety, maybe? How about both?

Dr. Jacobs has been performing breast surgery for both men and women for more than three decades, and he and his talented staff have worked with all kinds of people. No matter what you have to say when you walk in the door on the morning of surgery or if you’re too nervous to say much at all they will not be surprised. The whole team will be there to help.

After you arrive for top surgery in our Florida office, you will meet with our veteran anesthesiologist and see Dr. Jacobs again to confirm the details of your procedure. Then it will be time to get started!

Your Surgery

If you’re like most patients, you’ll have MTF top surgery in our private, fully accredited operating suite. Inspected by the same organization that certifies hospitals, our modern, spotless facility accommodates just one patient at a time. You will be the star of the day, and your safety is our top priority.

Chances are, your procedure will be performed using intravenous (IV) sedation, also called twilight anesthesia. This means you will sleep easily during surgery and awaken quickly and without the side effects of general anesthesia.

Breast surgery usually takes 90-120 minutes. Afterward, we’ll put you in a soft, supportive bra and move you to the recovery room where you will be monitored closely. After an hour or two, you can have a friend take you home to rest that same day.

MTF Top Surgery: Breast - Before and After photos
MTF Top Surgery: Breast - Before and After photos
MTF Top Surgery: Breast - Before and After photos

Recovery and Healing

We strongly recommend you have a friend or loved one with you that first night in case you should need anything. In fact, it’s wise to have someone stay a day or two or at least look in on you. Having assistance in preparing a few meals, tidying up and caring for pets is a big help. You won’t be able to raise your arms above your shoulders or lift much weight for a while.

You can expect to experience some bruising and swelling at first. Maintaining low blood pressure and heart rate will help keep it to a minimum. Most post-op patients feel light to moderate discomfort that can be controlled with a prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers. Cold compresses can also help.

Within two or three days you can begin adding light activities to your routine, resuming non-strenuous work in about a week. The vigorous activity needs to wait a few weeks.

As your body heals, you will begin to get a sense of what your scars will look like. They will fade over a period of several months, however, so you do not need to worry if they look obvious at first. Dr. Jacobs is adept at minimizing scarring and there are steps you can take to help as well. If you should end up with unfavorable scars, simple injections can usually help.

MTF Top Surgery: Breast - Before and After photos (female)

We Are Here for You

Chances are, you have many questions about how to prepare for transsexual surgery and the recovery process. We will give you lots of reading material to help you get ready for the big day. You can also check out our detailed blog post, 10 Tips for Preparing for Gynecomastia Surgery. Even though it was written for guys undergoing male breast reduction, the principles are the same.

We’ll also provide detailed instructions for the post-op period so you’ll know just what to do. If you have questions or concerns at any time, you can give us a call at 212-570-6080. We’ll also make sure you have an after-hours phone number.

If you have questions right now, you might want to send us an email. Find our contact form here-we can usually respond pretty quickly.

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