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MTF Top Surgery: Your Readiness

Written by Dr. Jacobs

As you probably already know, MTF top surgery involves so much more than cosmetic surgery. In addition to all there is to learn about the surgical process, you’ll need to be ready to share information with us so we can ensure you have a good experience and an optimal surgical outcome.

Our goal is to learn key details about you: your background, health, support system and so on. This will help us understand your individual needs. We’re also committed to delivering all the information you require, no matter how many questions you may have. Open, honest, complete information exchange is the best way to ensure you and Dr. Jacobs can work together to create the right strategy for your transformation.

Dr. Jacobs has the experience, training and compassionate approach necessary to be a great partner for you during this part of your transition. Contact him at 561-367-9101 to find out more.

Psychological Readiness

An important aspect of our partnership will involve ensuring you are ready for MTF surgery inside and out. During your consultation, Dr. Jacobs will ask you about your gender confirmation journey.

You may want to bring a letter of recommendation from your primary care physician or psychologist, and we may ask for permission to contact them for a discussion. In general, we find that individuals who have identified as female for years have already begun hormone therapy and have a strong support system are good candidates. When people like these seek input from a plastic surgeon, they are usually ready for breast augmentation. Still, plastic surgery is a big step and we should all be certain that the time is right for you.

MTF Top Surgery: Breast - Before and After photos

We also want you to be aware that you may not adjust to the change in your body automatically after surgery. It can take time to get used to your new appearance, and you may feel self-conscious or concerned about what others may say. This can happen with almost any type of cosmetic procedure, and most people become comfortable with their new shape over a short period of time – but perhaps not overnight.

Physical Readiness

When you come in for your appointment with Dr. Jacobs, he and his staff will talk with you about preparing for cosmetic surgery. Steps can include suspending medication temporarily, gathering supplies you’ll need and so on.

In the meantime, you can help get ready by:

  • Discontinuing tobacco use: Surgery is an excellent reason to quit smoking. In fact, we will require that you stop for a period before and after your procedure to aid in healing.
  • Pursuing a healthy weight: It is ok to work on losing a few pounds prior to surgery if you would like to, however, it’s essential to maintain good nutrition. Do not skimp on protein, vitamins, and minerals. If you are underweight, try to give your body extra nutrients and fuel so it is in great shape for your procedure.
  • Working out as usual: If you enjoy working out, you can continue to do so right up to the day of surgery. Don’t exhaust yourself, though! Your body needs reserves in order to heal quickly.
  • Preparing your home: Most people feel best during recovery when they come home to a clean house, fresh sheets and towels and so on. Think about what you will want to have on hand that will encourage you to rest – you may want to buy some new books, gather movies to watch and download some music to help you relax.
MTF Top Surgery: Breast - Before and After photos (female)

Preparing for Your Consultation

In addition to the other preparations you’ll be making, you can get ready to make the most of your consultation with Dr. Jacobs. Here are some tips:

  • Write down all your questions: You may think you’ll remember them, but it’s common for people to find the conversation so enjoyable and invigorating that thoughts fly right out the window.
  • Be equipped to take notes: Just as you may forget some of the questions you have, you may also have trouble remembering some of the information you’ll receive. Bring a notepad or laptop to help out.
  • Bring photos: Keeping in mind that you can only look like you, not someone else, showing Dr. Jacobs images of the kind of results you have in mind can inform decision-making.
  • Bring a friend: If you’re comfortable sharing your experience with a friend or loved one, bringing someone to your consultation can help you maintain objectivity and feel supported.

As you can tell, your consultation with Dr. Jacobs is all-important. Why not give us a call at 561-367-9101 to schedule an appointment now? If you need a second appointment, later on, that’s fine too.

If you have some initial questions, use our short email form. We hope to talk to you soon!

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