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Mid Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Mid Body Contouring After Weight LossYoung or old, male or female – nearly early every one we see for plastic surgery after weight loss in Boca Raton is interested in getting help with their torso. But that’s where the generalization ends. Every body is unique, especially after weight gain and loss. That’s why Dr. Elliot Jacobs offers several different surgical approaches and variations.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who works with men and women in almost equal numbers, Dr. Jacobs is in a great position to deliver the results you’re seeking. Not only does he have thirty years of experience performing abdominal cosmetic surgery, but his pioneering experience in liposuction also goes back over three decades as well. Why not contact him today?

Body Contouring Procedure Overview

If your goal weight is in sight, one of these abdominal procedures, customized for you by Dr. Jacobs, should be a good approach for tightening up your torso.


A panniculectomy removes excess skin and fat that can hang over the genitals and even down to the thighs. This droopy tissue – called a pannus – is more than just an aesthetic issue for patients who have lost dozens of pounds. A large pannus can cause rashes and skin lesions, genital issues and back pain. It can also make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly and can make exercising next to impossible.

It’s important to note that unlike abdominoplasty, which tightens muscles, a panniculectomy only removes skin and fat. In addition, in treating a pannus the focus tends to be on the lower torso, whereas abdominoplasty can address extra tissue higher up.

Mid Body Contouring Before and After Weight Loss male (frontal view)


Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is very often the procedure of choice for weight loss patients. Dr. Jacobs makes a horizontal incision low on the abdomen, then tightens muscles and removes excess skin. The remaining skin is pulled together to smooth and flatten the torso, and the navel is repositioned. Liposuction is used as needed to banish fat pockets.

One variation on the standard tummy tuck that works well for many weight loss patients is called a fleur de lis abdominoplasty. This technique adds a vertical incision, allowing Dr. Jacobs to tighten tummy skin in all directions.

Body Lift

Body lift surgery is known by a number of terms including lower body lift, belt lipectomy, and circumferential abdominoplasty. You can think of it as abdominoplasty surgery that encircles the entire torso. Because the procedure is so extensive, it can have a dramatic impact on both the abdomen and the lower body as tissues are lifted, smoothed and tightened.

If you’re considering a body lift, we would recommend you have this surgery before other body contouring. You will benefit by seeing the changes the procedure brings about before planning more cosmetic surgery.

Choosing Your Surgeon

When it comes to abdominal surgery after weight loss, all the options and techniques can be a bit confusing. It’s probably difficult for you to imagine which approach would deliver the best results in your case. We’ll design a plan with you, one that will take into account your health, budget, recovery needs and possible future procedures.

Mid Body Contouring Before and After Weight Loss male (back view)

We look forward to meeting you! Call 212-570-6080 to make an appointment.

Abdominal Plastic Surgery FAQ

  • Will I need liposuction along with work on my muscles and skin?Almost every patient benefits from supporting liposuction during abdominal surgery. Even if you’re at your goal weight, it’s likely there are some fat deposits you’ll want Dr. Jacobs to eliminate. This is where his unique experience in liposuction is a big advantage.
  • How will my scars look?Where your incisions are positioned and how large they depend on the procedure Dr. Jacobs designs for you. Generally, if you have a panniculectomy or a tummy tuck, your scars will be low enough on your torso so they can be hidden in an average bathing suit. If you have a fleur de lis abdominoplasty or a body lift, you will have scars in more places. We’ll make sure you understand what to expect when you come in for your consultation.
  • How difficult is a recovery?As you can guess, it depends on the procedure. Patients who have a panniculectomy, which does not impact muscles, will heal more quickly than those who have a more extensive procedure. Most people experience a bit of discomfort for a few days, which is controlled with pain medication or over-the-counter drugs. It’s best to have someone help you at home for a day or two and plan for a couple of weeks away from work.
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