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Written by Dr. Jacobs


  1. What are the possible risks, complications and side effects from “Sweat Lipo” surgery?As in all operations, there are risks of bleeding and infection. In fact, these possible complications are exceedingly rare. The most common side effect has been that some of the armpit hair becomes sparser. This is due to the simultaneous removal of some of the hair-forming bulbs, which lie under the skin in a position similar to the sweat-producing bulbs. For some patients, this is actually an added, though unexpected, benefit.
  2. Will “Sweat Lipo” surgery cure my body odor (bromhidrosis)?
    Probably not, but it will make it more manageable. Bromhidrosis results from the normal skin bacteria acting on any sweat that is produced, be it from apocrine or eccrine glands. If the total amount of sweating is reduced, then the bromhidrosis should be similarly reduced. But normal precautions with showers using antiseptic soaps, antiperspirants, and deodorants will probably still be required. Sometimes, antibiotic skin creams may also be used as well.
  3. How long will the results of “Sweat Lipo” last? This is unknown mainly because it is a new procedure. There are no long term studies as yet. However, patients have remained significantly drier for at least one year after surgery…and counting.
  4. Will I be absolutely dry after “Sweat Lipo” surgery? No. The surgery will remove the apocrine glands, but the eccrine glands will be untouched and will continue to function. Hence, you will still sweat – but the problem will be much more manageable.
  5. I don’t sweat excessively but would just like to cut down on the amount that I do sweat. Can this procedure work for me? No. This procedure is not meant as a treatment for casual sweating. Rather, it should be considered only for those patients with hyperhidrosis and only when all other conventional methods have failed.
  6. Will insurance cover the cost of “Sweat Lipo” surgery? Doubtful. Most insurance companies will consider this treatment “experimental” and thus be reluctant to provide coverage for it. Interestingly, insurance companies may cover Botox treatments, but not this surgery (as yet).
  7. Can Botox treatments be incorporated before, during or after “Sweat Lipo” surgery? Yes, this is possible.
  8. Is there any clothing that I can buy which can help with my hyperhidrosis problem? Yes, there are some manufacturers who design specific clothing for people with hyperhidrosis. One such manufacturer is: And for sweaty feet, one can look into, which are super-absorbant foot inserts.
  9. Are there any new treatments on the horizon? Yes, scientists are studying a new type of cream that has Botox-like effects. However, since it is a cream, it can be applied to the skin rather than requiring an injection. It will most likely be available only by prescription.
  10. Can “Sweat Lipo” be combined with any other surgical procedure, such as gynecomastia or torsoplasty procedure? Absolutely yes — this is commonly done.


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