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“Sweat Lipo” surgery can only be performed only in the armpit areas. A single, 1/8 inch incision is made at the front of the armpit crease. The instrument is inserted and directed towards the undersurface of the armpit skin. Strong suction is applied and then, with a combination of suction and sharp scraping against the skin’s undersurface, the bulbs of the apocrine glands (which produce the sweat) are removed. The result is that the apocrine glands will be rendered inoperative. However, the eccrine glands in the treated areas will remain intact and continue to function. Therefore, a significant reduction – but not total elimination – of sweating will occur.

“Sweat Lipo” surgery for hyperhidrosis is performed under sedation anesthesia which is administered by a separate, board certified, MD anesthesiologist. There is absolutely no pain or awareness during the procedure. You will awaken quickly after surgery, with no nausea, grogginess, sore throat or hangover. The wounds are closed with a single, dissolving suture. This results in a small scar which, in time, becomes nothing more than a blemish. Dressings will be applied after surgery and worn for only 2-3 days. There is minimal discomfort (mild soreness) after surgery – usually handled by simple Tylenol pills. Most patients are back to sedentary work within a day or two.

One may expect some swelling, bruising and numbness of the skin – all of which are temporary and will disappear within one to two weeks.

There is usually a significant decrease in sweating within a few days after surgery.

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