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Written by Dr. Jacobs

Gynecomastia Boca Raton


This website is dedicated to all men and boys, in Florida and around the world, who suffer from this condition – and to the women who understand and sympathize with their men. It is hoped that the information contained here will reassure readers that they are not alone and that, as contrasted with many medical conditions for which there is, unfortunately, no cure or hope, there is suitable treatment available to provide them with a trim, taut and masculine chest. Gynecomastia surgery in Boca Raton can help change your life!

Gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, is a benign condition affecting a significant number of men and adolescent boys. The term Gynecomastia has derived from the Greek words gyne (meaning female) and mastos (meaning breast) – in essence, a female type breast or contour on a man.

Although it is a benign condition and does not predispose to breast cancer or other problems, the presence of gynecomastia has a profound physical and emotional effect on a guy. In essence, it makes him feel less of a man. He cannot wear snug shirts or T-shirts, he is reluctant to remove his shirt in public, to swim, to indulge in sporting events or even to go to the gym to work out. He is often the butt of jokes, taunting, bullying, and even physical abuse. It is a source of continued embarrassment and emotional distress for him. For young and sensitive adolescent boys, it may lead to isolation, poor self-image, loss of self-esteem, reluctance to socialize with women, and even poor grades at school. Psychological depression is not uncommon. Furthermore, in many circumstances, there is accompanying pain or tenderness of the breasts as well. And in rare circumstances, there can even be lactation (production of milk).

The majority of these cases begin during adolescence. In some, the enlargement begins around puberty and will gradually subside over several years. But for many young men, it does not subside and it remains for life – affecting them in untold ways.

Assuming gynecomastia has been stable for at least several years and that any underlying causes have been discovered and treated, the best treatment for gynecomastia is surgery. There is no diet, no exercise, no pills, no massage, no injections, etc which can provide any substantial improvement other than surgery. Once gynecomastia surgery is performed and all the excess tissue is removed, the results are long-lasting and the tissue does not re-grow (except if one gains substantial weight after surgery or takes certain drugs or anabolic steroids). It is similar to a woman who has a mastectomy for breast cancer – her breast does not re-grow spontaneously – it has to be reconstructed by a surgeon.


Gynecomastia Boca Raton. Before and After Treatment Photos: Male - (frontal view)

Gynecomastia can be defined as excess tissue on a male chest. That tissue is either fat or breast tissue (gland) and most often a combination of both. All men have a certain amount of breast tissue on their chest, usually directly under the areola – that is normal. Gynecomastia develops when that breast tissue begins to increase or there is fat tissue added as well. There is no such thing as pseudo-gynecomastia, which purports that all the accumulation on the chest is simply fat. That is not true. There is always some amount of breast tissue present as well.

Gynecomastia Boca Raton. Before and After Treatment Photos: Male - (left side, oblique view)

When present in our Florida patients, gynecomastia consists of breast tissue which is concentrated directly under the nipple/areola. It then spreads out in a horizontally-oriented, oval distribution over the lower portion of the chest. As it spreads out, it begins to join and blend in with fat tissue, in a manner similar to fingers interlocking with one another. There is no wall or capsule which separates the breast tissue from other tissues – they simply grow together. Therefore, there is no way that a surgeon can remove only the breast tissue and leave the remaining fat intact – or vice versa.

Gynecomastia can be small – just an accumulation of excess breast tissue beneath the areola, which results in elevation of the areola alone. Or, it can be very large, assuming the appearance of a large, pendulous female breast. Or anything in-between. Since it is a non-life threatening condition, the decision to seek a surgical remedy is entirely individual. Some men accept it and go on with their lives. For others, it can become a significant negative focus in their lives and they will only find solace by having surgery.


Gynecomastia Boca Ratan. Before and After Treatment Photos: Man - (frontal view)

Male breast reduction surgery in Boca Raton is aimed at producing a trim, taut and contoured chest which is consistent with the surrounding areas of the body – and with the most minimal of scars. Men do not want to have surgery to remove their gynecomastia but replace it with lots of scars – that is trading one problem for another.

There is also an art to doing this surgery – knowing how much tissue to remove and how tissue much to retain. For example, removing too much tissue on a guy who is on the heavy side can result in contour irregularities and disharmony between the chest and the surrounding areas of the body. The surgeon has to leave a bit of extra tissue in these cases so that it looks normal and consistent with the rest of his frame.

In addition, the surgeon should evaluate the entire chest, not just the breasts. On occasion, there can be an extension of fat onto the lateral chest or into the armpit area. In order to achieve a truly contoured chest, these areas should be treated and contoured during the initial surgery as well. Otherwise, the patient would have a flat chest and residual fat bulging on the sides of the chest. Some men may suffer from excessive sweating of the armpit area. This, too, can be addressed at the same time.

Here in Boca Raton, in order to accomplish minimal scar male breast reduction surgery, there must also be adequate elasticity of the skin, for we depend upon the skin to tighten up by itself once the underlying excess tissues have been removed. For example, think of a large amount of excess abdominal skin on a pregnant woman. After she gives birth, and frequently within hours, much of the skin has tightened by itself, much like letting the air out of a balloon. The same thing happens to the excess skin of a male chest once the excess gland and fat tissues have been removed – most often during the surgery itself. The skin will actually tighten significantly before the operation has been completed. An added plus will be a spontaneous decrease in the diameter of the areolas as well.

Gynecomastia Boca Raton. Before and After Treatment Photos: Man - (left side, oblique view)

For some men who are heavy or obese, or who have been overweight in the past, their skin has lost some elasticity. For these individuals, surgery with minimal scars may not be possible. It will then become a choice of additional surgical scars to achieve a tight chest or acceptance of a residual fold under the breast to avoid the extra scars. Most men in this situation would still prefer minimal scars, for they would not want to trade one problem (their gynecomastia) for another (additional scars). Thus, a 95% result with minimal scars is often better and more acceptable than a 100% result with additional scars.


This is real surgery – it should not be undertaken lightly. Yet, after some brief soreness and healing, there is a substantial change in the chest. Clothing which could never be worn is now worn routinely. There is a change in posture, a change in attitude and a new self-confidence. Some guys can now go to a pool and play with their kids. Others will now go to the gym and build up their muscles – and they will now show! For all, there is an enhanced self-image and self-esteem.

And they will go on with their lives – their gynecomastia days (and problems) soon forgotten.

Welcome to the “Other Side!”

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