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Transgender Top Surgery

Society still has much to learn from its transgender citizens, yet, we are clearly moving forward into a time when people have more options than ever for creating authentic lives. In our Boca Raton plastic surgery practice, we’re glad to be part of the change. We welcome patients to our offices when their personal journeys may include transgender surgery. Palm Beach County residents and people from other states and countries receive warm, sensitive treatment and respect here, as well as expert plastic surgery. Dr. Elliot Jacobs has more than three decades of experience assisting patients in looking and feeling their best, and he will be happy to meet you. Why not contact us to start a conversation?

More Reasons to Work with Dr. Jacobs:

VitalsWe are unique in treating almost as many men as we do women, and we have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of both sexes.

VitalsWe embody and embrace diversity. We are pleased to work with people of all ages and backgrounds, and from all walks of life.

VitalsAlmost all our staff members have worked together for ten years or more; our M.D. anesthesiologist has worked with Dr. Jacobs for more than twenty years.

VitalsAs a specialist in male breast reduction and with over thirty years of experience with breast augmentation, Dr. Jacobs is uniquely well-positioned to perform your top surgery.

VitalsWe operate on almost our patients using twilight anesthesia, or IV sedation, meaning you can avoid problems often associated with general anesthesia.

VitalsWe have a fully accredited, private surgical suite right in our Florida office where we can focus our full attention on you.

Male to Female Transitions

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If you’re thinking about male to female surgery, you’re probably considering breast augmentation. Be assured that Dr. Jacobs will work with you hand in hand to create the look you have in mind, taking into account possible challenges such as large pectoral muscles or a barrel-shaped chest. Read about male-to-female top surgery. You may also be interested in other procedures such as facial plastic surgery, liposuction, or even treatment for excessive sweating. Visit Dr. Jacobs’ main website to learn more – you’ll get an idea of what’s involved.

Female to Male Transitions

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When making a gender transition through FTM surgery, breast reduction is often one of the first items on the agenda. Because thousands of men (as well as women) have sought male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Jacobs, our board-certified plastic surgeon may have performed more of these procedures than almost any other doctor in the country. You will be in very good hands with him – read more about his approach. If you’re thinking of enhancing your masculine appearance in other ways, such as facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jacobs is ready to help. He can also offer a variety of implants for the face and body that may interest you.

Come In and Meet with Us

We consider it a privilege to work with individuals seeking transgender surgery in Boca Raton as they make decisions critical to their future well-being. Why? We are very aware that everyone’s perspective and goals are unique, and we enjoy tailoring plans to each patient’s specific needs. We also know that transitioning is a journey filled with emotion as well as physical change, and we are proud to have a role in such a meaningful experience. Call us to schedule an appointment at 561-367-9101. We look forward to listening and learning from you as well as giving you the benefit of our skills. As always, the decisions are yours to make.

Our Patient Journey

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    Ethan L, Kensington, NY

    raiting stars - 5.0

    I went to Dr. Elliot Jacobs for a modified version of the gynecomastia surgery ) minimal -scar top surgery and I am incredibly pleased with the treatment from him and his staff and the surgery results

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