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what kind of doctor for gynecomastia

August 5, 2021

What Kind of Doctor for Gynecomastia?

We spend so much time working with the small details of gynecomastia, we sometimes forget there are many out there still...

Idiopathic Gynecomastia: What Does it Mean?

September 6, 2017

Idiopathic Gynecomastia: What Does it Mean?

If you have enlarged male breasts, like thousands of guys we’ve treated for man boobs over the years, you’ve probabl...

tea tree oil and gynecomastia

May 29, 2011

Causes of Gynecomastia: Lavender and Tea Tree Oil?

The story has been kicking around the Internet so long it has the feel of an urban legend: lavender and tea tree oil can...

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