We have great sympathy for guys who struggle to get insurance coverage for gynecomastia surgery. Our New York patients tell many tales of woe, and are often rejected as their carriers still view the procedure as purely cosmetic. Even men who live in countries with national healthcare systems—where they are more likely to get help funding male breast reduction—seem to need a great deal of patience to make it happen.
We understand that paying for gynecomastia surgery without insurance help can be challenging for some, but maybe not for everyone. If you can see the possibility of funding your procedure through a combination of savings and possibly financing, maybe it’s time for YOU to reject your insurance company?
Here are some advantages of not involving your insurance carrier in your gynecomastia surgery strategy:
1. To get control of timing. When you seek coverage, you can be sure it will be a long process, perhaps involving appeals. We find that once guys have made the decision to go ahead with male breast reduction, they just don’t want to wait. And some have goals or constraints related to sports or school. If you want to make your own decisions about scheduling, it may be best to pay for the procedure out of pocket.
2. To work with the surgeon of your choice. A big reason to take destiny into your own hands is to choose the plastic surgeon who’s right for you. This means you’ll do your research, arrange consultations and select a gynecomastia expert you click with. We have heard of patients being sent, by their insurance companies, to cosmetic surgeons with minimal man boob experience, or worse, to general surgeons. You need to be the one to decide which plastic surgeon to work with.
3. To minimize hassle. When it comes to the frustrations of everyday life, insurance headaches rank right up there with taxes and a host of other annoyances. Some patients choose to bypass their insurance company simply to minimize the hassle of attempting to secure coverage when the chances are not good anyway.
4. To increase peace of mind. When you decide to fund surgery yourself, you not only get to choose your plastic surgeon, you get a say in other decisions that will affect your surgery and recovery. For instance, you can decide to work with a doctor who has a quiet, modern outpatient surgical facility rather than having your procedure in a busy hospital. Or, you can choose to travel to work with a gynecomastia specialist rather than being sent to whoever practices close by. When it comes to man boob surgery, the process and the outcome should be as worry free as possible.
5. To get on with your life. Oftentimes it takes guys quite a while to come to the decision that banishing their man boobs is a worthy reason to consider cosmetic surgery. Most try a combination of disguising their enlarged breasts and accepting them, while denying themselves some of the pleasant, normal activities of life. Some suffer self-esteem challenges. After years of this, many come to the conclusion that they’ve had enough. When that happens, they can’t wait to get on with it—return to the gym, get out and date, head to the beach—whatever the future holds. Bringing an insurance company into the picture doesn’t fit for some.
We are absolutely aware that you can’t pay for gynecomastia surgery with change you’ll find in the couch cushions. When you choose a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience working with men, the procedure will make a dent in your budget.
We counsel our New York gynecomastia patients to view the expenditure as an investment in quality of life, and it seems that most of them do. Frequent comments we hear from guys after surgery include, “It was worth every penny,” and “Surgery changed my life.”
We can help with some suggestions about payment. We work with a reputable financing company, if that’s an option for you, and we take credit cards as well. Our office staff is adept at interfacing with insurance companies also, so if you’re set on going that route, we can submit claims for you.
We have one last thought. When it comes to figuring out what you want to do about your man boobs, money should not be top of mind. We suggest that considerations related to self-esteem and contentment with your life should come first. If you conclude that male breast reduction is right for you, payment can usually sort itself out.
In that light, a consultation can be a good step. You can find out much more information about gynecomastia surgery, including costs, and there’s no obligation whatsoever. Email us to make an appointment.

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