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Meet: Dr. Elliot Jacobs

Introducing Our Gynecomastia Specialist

Based in Florida, Dr. Elliot Jacobs is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 5,000 successful gynecomastia surgeries in the US & Canada. Motivated by a passion to refine and enhance male breast tissue, Dr. Jacobs recognized the limitations of traditional surgical methods. Common issues like irregular contours and conspicuous scarring spurred him to pioneer new approaches that produce a smoother, more natural result with minimal scarring.

Dr. Jacobs' proficiency extends beyond typical gynecomastia cases. He specializes in challenging scenarios, such as puffy nipples and revision gynecomastia, where prior surgeries have proved inadequate. While he excels in standard procedures, it's his skill in managing complex cases that truly sets him apart. With some of his patients going as far as referring to him as the best gynecomastia surgeon in US and best gynecomastia in the world!

Meet Dr. Jacobs

Advancing Gynecomastia Surgery in the US & Beyond

Dr. Jacobs' groundbreaking work in modern liposuction laid the foundation for his approach to the procedure . With a focus on achieving natural contours and minimal scarring, he revolutionized the field by crafting specialized instruments. Dr. Jacobs' innovative techniques and meticulous attention to detail set a new standard for gynecomastia procedures, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.

For over three decades, Dr. Jacobs has helped men and teens from all over the globe to regain their confidence, earning a reputation as one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in the United States. In addition to traditional male breast tissue reduction surgery, Dr. Jacobs is an expert in revision gynecomastia, procedures tailored for bodybuilders, and transgender top surgery.

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Top Surgery: Embrace Your True Identity

Dr. Jacobs is renowned for his excellent results and compassionate approach, making him a trusted advocate for the cisgender and transgender community. In the luxury setting of his Florida clinic, Dr. Jacobs combines his extensive expertise with a deep understanding of the personal significance male breasts hold for his patients.

He specializes in a range of treatments, including FTM top surgery, MTF breast augmentation, body contouring, and more. Dr. Jacobs prioritizes creating a supportive environment, ensuring that every patient feels valued and understood throughout their journey. His kind and empathetic approach, coupled with his surgical precision, guarantees that you will receive the highest standard of care and compassionate support every step of the way.

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