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Written by Dr. Jacobs

For many men, the reduction of their gynecomastia is their major and solitary goal. Oftentimes, however, once their chest has healed, these same men will begin to look at their abdomen and hip rolls (love handles) and note a disparity between their newly sculpted chest and their softer, rounder middle. They wonder if anything can be done to help and whether they could have done something all at once instead of in two separate operations.

TORSOPLASTY - Before and After Photos - male (frontal view)

EnterĀ TORSOPLASTY. This is a combined, one-time operation to improve the chest, abdomen and love handles together – from the collarbone down to the lower abdomen and side to side. A torsoplasty can change a good body to a great body – it is not a procedure for very overweight individuals. The torsoplasty is best done on men who are at or near normal, healthy weight.


There is no doubt that successful gynecomastia surgery has a positive effect on the physical and emotional well being of a patient. Their body image and self-esteem are significantly improved. And they will be more willing to diet and exercise in order to complete the improvement of their body. Going to the gym will no longer be accompanied by the fear of embarrassment about their chest. But sometimes even gym workouts after gynecomastia surgery cannot produce the body that one desires – such as a trim abdomen and loss of love handles.

TORSOPLASTY - Before and After Photos - male (left side, oblique view)

Many patients will diet and exercise after gynecomastia surgery and improve their overall shape. Unfortunately, losing weight is dictated by one’s own body and not by one’s will. One cannot target the areas of desired weight loss. When weight is gained in men, it usually goes to three areas first: the chest, the abdomen, and the love handles. As weight further increases, other parts of the body gain fat, including the face, neck, back, arms and thighs. When weight is lost, the last areas to lose fat are the chest, the abdomen and the love handles – decidedly unfair! Fortunately, liposuction can target specific parts of the body and is often used to improve these same areas.

TORSOPLASTY - Before and After Treatment Photos - fat male sculpture and thin male sculpture

While gynecomastia surgery alone can be very successful, in the appropriate candidate, combined simultaneous surgery for gynecomastia as well as liposuction of the abdomen and love handles — a torsoplasty — can be a one time, total body makeover.

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Before and After Treatment Photos - TORSOPLASTY  - man patient, front view (body)
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