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FTM Top Surgery: FAQ

Written by Dr. Jacobs

It’s easy to find breast reduction information on the Internet, but not yet as easy to find information that encompasses the specific needs of those seeking female to male surgery or a more non-binary look. While some of the concerns that may come to mind are similar to those non-transgender people have, some will be different. For you, the most important questions will likely inform your decision about whether FTM top surgery is the right step.

You may hesitate to come in for a consultation if you’re still deciding whether or not to move forward with a breast procedure. Please don’t feel this way! While some patients make an appointment with us knowing they definitely want cosmetic surgery, this isn’t always the case. It is not uncommon for people to seek input to help them make the final decision. With three decades of highly successful plastic surgery for both men and women to his credit, Dr. Jacobs is ready to give you the benefit of his knowledge. He truly enjoys educating patients whether they choose surgery or not.

To schedule an appointment you can call us at 212-570-6080 or send in our online contact form.

In the meantime, here is some information that may help you.

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What about milk production after surgery?

Your breasts will not produce milk after surgery. Though some breast gland tissue will remain to help create masculine contours, there will not be enough ducts left to produce milk. Another reason to be sure top surgery is right for you!

What if I have been binding my breasts for a long time?

Most individuals who bind their breasts are sensible about it – meaning they don’t bind 24/7 or constrict their body so much that pain and sores result. Assuming this is the case for you, the binding should not affect your FTM surgery. It’s possible your skin quality may have changed with long-term, regular binding; Dr. Jacobs will assess this during your consultation.

FTM Top Surgery: Nipple - Before and After Treatment Photos - patient 4, oblique view

Is the procedure reversible?

You should consider FTM top surgery to be permanent. Your breasts will essentially be gone after surgery. It is technically possible to create breasts again down the road with implants, but the results may very well not be promising enough to make the attempt. If you are not certain you’re ready for top surgery, we’ll suggest you wait and do further thinking about it. You can always schedule breast surgery later.

Can I have a breast reduction without removing the entire breast?

Yes, certainly, Dr. Jacobs can reduce the size of your breasts without removing them. Some people go this route feeling that smaller breasts will make them much happier in their own skin, while some individuals deliberately seek an androgynous appearance. A few choose smaller breasts thinking that they may want them completely removed later in a second operation. This is ok too, provided the additional scars are acceptable to the patient.

Will my areolas shrink after surgery?

Your areolas won’t shrink much on their own, but if you would like them reduced in size this may be done during surgery or in a separate outpatient procedure.

FTM Top Surgery: Nipple - Before and After Treatment Photos - patient 5, front view

Will my risk of breast cancer be affected?

FTM top surgery will reduce your risk of breast cancer since you will have scant breast tissue remaining. This doesn’t mean the risk declines to zero, particularly if you have a history of cancer in your family. You may still need screening, especially as you get older, which may mean seeing a specialist. Our best advice is to talk with your primary care physician about this and plan a detection strategy that makes sense.

Do you accept out-of-town patients?

We work with patients from other states and countries quite often. Since we are known for experience and great results for men as well as women seeking breast surgery, people fly to Florida for cosmetic surgery with us. We can help with travel details and accommodations, and we can arrange for someone to assist you after surgery. We can also take care of some of the before and after work electronically. Call us at 212-570-6080 or visit our “Fly-In” web page to learn more.

FTM Top Surgery: Nipple - Before and After Treatment Photos - patient 5, oblique view

Are there any financing options?

If you need to pay for surgery over time, we accept major credit cards. You may also choose to work with Care Credit, a well-known financing company serving the healthcare industry. Read more about financing here.

If you have more questions about transgender surgery, please email us. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


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