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Your Physical Condition and Gynecomastia Surgery

your physical condition and gynecomastia surgery

“I’m a vegetarian, do I still qualify for gynecomastia surgery?” “I’m a social drinker, what do I need to know about alcohol consumption and male breast reduction?”

We’re always pleased when we hear questions like these from patients seeking treatment for gynecomastia in New York, or online at Men who wonder about how best to prepare their bodies for gynecomastia surgery are signaling that they’re ready to do their part to achieve the best outcome possible.

While you research male breast reduction methods, seek out an experienced gynecomastia surgeon and review before and after gynecomastia photos, you also need to learn what you can do to ensure you’re in great physical condition for your procedure. Here are some considerations:

Nutrition: Pay attention to getting good nutrition prior to gynecomastia surgery. Protein is particularly important in the healing process, so if you’re a vegetarian or vegan you may need to find ways to supplement your protein intake.

Alcohol: There are several reasons to curb your alcohol intake both before and after surgery. If you are a heavy drinker your liver may be stressed, making surgery more risky. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, meaning you may bruise if you’re drinking around the time of your surgery. And alcohol can interact with medications you may need. Be sure to be honest about your habits with your plastic surgeon.

Weight: It’s not necessary to be at your ideal weight prior to surgery, but weighing close to the optimum level for you is best. If you plan to drop many pounds, it may be to your advantage to wait to have male breast reduction. If you lose a few pounds after surgery, your results will get even better!

Smoking: If you’re serious about male breast reduction surgery, this is an excellent time to quit smoking. Nicotine slows blood flow to the tissues, thereby inhibiting healing. It also robs skin of its elasticity, meaning your skin may not tighten up as effectively as a non-smoker’s will after surgery. If you can’t quit, most surgeons insist you stop smoking for a period of weeks prior to your procedure.

If you’ve indulged in habits that may very well have contributed to the development of your man boobs, now is the time to evaluate where you want to go from here. If you can’t commit to discontinuing known gynecomastia triggers – like marijuana, anabolic steroids, and excessive alcohol consumption – you should delay planning plastic surgery until you can. Although moobs seldom reoccur after male breast reduction, we tell all our patients with gynecomastia in New York that ongoing use of these substances can cause additional breast tissue growth.

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