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At your initial consultation for a torsoplasty, Dr. Jacobs will obtain an extensive, detailed medical history in order to evaluate your general health. Then, an examination of your chest, abdomen and love handles will determine your candidacy for the procedure. A thorough discussion will emphasize the possibilities for improvement as well as any possible downsides to the procedure.

TORSOPLASTY - Before and After Photos - man (frontal view)

A torsoplasty is a longer and more involved operation than a gynecomastia procedure alone and decision about proceeding is made with consideration of your age, size, overall health, prior obesity, genetic background, and other factors.

TORSOPLASTY - Before and After Photos: man (frontal view)

You will also be shown before and after photos of patients who have undergone a torsoplasty. Once you have decided to proceed with surgery, you will be provided with an extensive, detailed instruction booklet to help guide you through all phases of your torsoplasty procedure.

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Before & After Photos
Before and After Treatment Photos - TORSOPLASTY CONSULTATION - male patient, front view (body)
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