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Second Thoughts Before Gynecomastia Surgery?

Second Thoughts Before Gynecomastia Surgery?

It’s far more common than you might think for a man to have second thoughts before heading into the operating room for surgery on his man boobs. We even field the occasional panicked pre-op call from one of our New York male breast reduction patients. We absolutely will postpone or even cancel surgery if anxiety levels are just running too high. But when we are aware that someone we’re working with is feeling nervous, we find that a little reassurance is often all that’s needed.

Whether you plan male breast reduction in New York with us or with another experienced plastic surgeon, here are some points to consider about pre-surgery worries:

Feeling some anxiety is commonplace. If you have had any type of surgery in the past, chances are you felt nervous then too. In fact, it is completely normal to feel anxious before a new experience where the outcome is not 100% assured. Perhaps you have felt jittery before a trip to a foreign country, your first day at a new job or an exciting experience like ziplining. It’s normal to worry – it’s something we humans do well!
The psychological relief and self-esteem impact you’re hoping for are likely to happen. Some men fear that their issues may be too deep seated and that gynecomastia surgery will prove to be a band aid that only helps superficially. This is a factor you and your plastic surgeon should have covered in consultation, nevertheless, it’s our experience that surgery can be a big step for most men in feeling much more confident and better about their quality of life overall.
The recovery process should go smoothly. Most New York male breast reduction patients we work with report little discomfort, a manageable inconvenience level and down time that can actually be enjoyable. Some aspects of the post-op period can be mildly frustrating, such as waiting for swelling to subside, but your doctor should advise you about what you can do to help.

As you might guess, the key to a great surgical experience is the same as it is for just about any new experience: planning and preparation. We advise men who are considering the procedure to find a highly-skilled, board certified plastic surgeon who does hundreds of male breast reduction surgeries each year, prepare mentally and otherwise for the procedure and follow instructions to the letter.

Joining a community such as the one on can also help tremendously. There, you can share questions and concerns with others like you. Here’s a post that directly addresses second thoughts before surgery:’re-considering-surgery/

When you’re ready, we hope you will consider talking with us about your condition. Having treated many thousands of gynecomastia patients over the span of three decades, we have experience that should help put your mind at ease. Contact us online or call 212-870-6080 for an appointment.

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